Zindagi Ki Mehek 31st October 2016 Written Updates! Mahek gets shaurya’s call

Zindagi Ki Mehek 31st October 2016 Written Updates! Mahek gets shaurya’s call :- STAR PLUS the most effective striking program, Mahek looks like an interesting contemporary program, which gives the fixed voltage potential that forces to the Mahek followers.


Mahek 31st October 2016 Written Update

The notable TV series Mahek surely made to give goose bumps to the spectators with its never lost dilemma way and regularly, the latest crux of the program is to showcase in the unique episodes that, Mahek gets Shaurya’s call, Mahek says from where did you get my number? He says dont ask senseless inquiries and put the telephone on speaker, Mahek advises her family that it’s Shaurya’s call, she put it on speaker, Shaurya says I need to welcome your entire family on India’s supercook set.

Where In the latest episode, At shaurya’s home, his mom breaks her quick. Vaitlana is drinking wine seeing all other ladies breaking quick. She says to shaurya’s father in the event that he needs wine in the event that he is free from breaking her quick?

Shaurya comes there is as yet considering Kanta’s evil words about him and his family. Mother comes to Shaurya and asks what was the deal? Vaitlana says your child has grown up, its hard to keep up such a variety of lady friends at once, right Shaurya?

Shaurya glares her, Vaitlana offers him wine, however, says I overlooked you drink drain, shaurya says fools burn through cash to smolder their bodies with wine, Vaitlana says and cunning individuals utilize their past to blaze themselves.

Shaurya gazes her. Mother says enough of your entertaining talks, supper is prepared, she requests that all visitors go inside, she asks Shaurya to gives up.

Vaitlana takes off. father says to shaurya that I need to converse with you, I am your dad, on the off chance that you give me regard and carry on appropriately infront of visitors then it will be better, I have asked your mom.

She will disclose to you. Shaurya says you flaunt everything so I dont have anything to flaunt, he clears out. Shaurya goes to his room, the mother comes there and requests that he have supper, he says I am not ravenous, mother says why?

I have made your most loved dish and it’s not sleek, I dont know whether you ate anything entire day or not. Vaitlana comes there and says caps off. Mother says enough Vaitlana, I didnt make matter outside infront of visitors.

However no more words now, Vaitlana drinks wine and says didi dramatization began in this house 23years back when you wedded that misrepresentation, I am simply having a great time and I have now propensity for making fun, shaurya says change your propensity.

Vaitlana says drink red wine, it’s useful for wellbeing, tell your mom that you ate, recolors on your garments are appearing, appears like you went to break quick of some young lady, Shaurya broke Mahek’s quick.