Adarsh compliments swadheenta’s eyes! Dahleez 20th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Adarsh compliments swadheenta’s eyes! Dahleez 20th May 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The yesterday night episode of the TV series Dahleez starts with Swadheenta is talking to Adarsh on phone and she says I did not like that combination. He says I liked it, I will comes your home and you have to dress-up properly but Swadheentha called him shamelss.

Dahleez Episode Written Updates

Dahleez Episode Written Updates

Dahleez Episode Written Updates

Now Swadheentha asked to Suhasini, it was Adarsh then why you give his call to me. Suhasini says I did not know who called you. Suhasini now meet with Adarsh and she asked to him that he only spoke with Swadheentha for 40 minutes and Adarsh it is enough for him and he smiles.

Now Simmi shows some dresses to Abhay and Abhay says to her that all dresses are good and Simmi asked him to help her then Suhasini come and Simmi says to Ajay that I think mom doesn’t like us. Ajay is being speechless now in the front of Simmi and Suhasini asked to her that I will help you on the matter of the selection of dress.

Suhasini also asked to Simmi that if you think me as your mother, you must take mine help on the factor of the dress selection and Simmi asked to her, okay, I will let you meet with my fashion designer. On the other hand, Swadheentha is now getting ready in a proper dress and she applies lipstick on her to make her beautiful.

She now having blindfold and suddenly the light is gone and she changes her dress and appeared in front of her family. Swadheentha also want her soon to be groom to first see her and she come now. She is having no idea who is there in the room.

Adarsh is on the other hand waiting for his wife to come and he locks the kiss in his heart. Jaya makes her ready and give her compliment, how your bride is looking. Adarsh compliments Swadheenta’s eyes, and everybody smile.

Precap: Adarsh and Swadheenta dance on Gerua song…. Manohar tells Suhasini that I met Allan Broad, and they shocked to know that the blast happen in the city and now they have to postpone their marriage.