Akshay Kumar’s son Aarav will not be a part of Film Industry – Reason is Here

Akshay Kumar’s son Aarav will not be a part of Film Industry – Reason is Here : Akshay Kumar is mostly known for his discipline and strict lifestyle in Bollywood. We are all aware that he is a black belt in martial arts. He always supports karate and suggests people to learn it for self-defense. Today we bring news about his son Aarav.


Akshay said that he was not going to force their child his dreams on them. Akshay Kumar is known for his strict, disciplined behavior in Bollywood. He is considered as the fittest actor in the Bollywood industry.

His son Aarav also takes interest inKarate and Martial Arts. Akshay son Aarav earned a black belt in Karate. Akshay posted about his son’s achievement and appreciated his hard work. Akshay said that he was proud to be his father. Akshay eagerly wantsAarav to pursue his dreams.

Akshay Kumar said in an interview that Aarav to fulfill his own dreams and not his parents’. And he will not force him into any other work. Akshay said that he just want to see him fulfill his dreams.

He said that he didn’t want him to feel that he is fulfilling his parent’s dreams. I will let him not force him to any work. So Akshay Kumar cleared that his son might join Karate and Martial arts in future.

But it is not confirmed yet. Akshay shares his feeling that he felt very proud when his son Aarav won the black belt in karate and given him pride and happiness. Akshay said that Twinkle was very happy when Aarav won that Black belt. He stated that Aarav would never understand pride and happiness he has given them. Aarav earned Akshay’s respect for life.

Well, we should just wait and watch whether Akshay’s son will enter in Bollywood or not. Stay tuned with us for more updates and information.