Amazon launched Oasis 290$ Kindle, thinnest kindle ever made

Amazon launched Oasis 290$ Kindle, thinnest kindle ever made :- Popular e-reader Kindle is joined by its successor as Amazon has recently launched Kindle Oasis. It is the 8th generation offered by faddish online portal Amazon. Highlighting feature of this Kindle can be considered as its light weight and thin design. It just weighs 131grams and measures just 8.5mm in thickness and hence competing with many bezel-less designed smart phones.

Amazon launches Oasis Kindle thinnest kindle ever

It is currently available in the “black” color in the market at the price of INR 23,999 in India for wifi variant while if want to go for the 3G+WiFi variant then you have to shed some extra money as it is tagged at INR 27,999. This new Kindle Oasis will go on sale from amazon only from 29th April.  Its 3G and WiFi support makes it the most costly kindle in the current market.

It sports 6” display delivering 300ppi pixel density as we have seen in Kindle Voyage but the difference here lies in the front lights, it incorporates redesigned built-in LED lights that deliver 60% more brightness in comparison to other kindles and hence making itself as the brightest kindle ever. To augment the range and consistency of screen brightness so that one can have better reading experience it entails ultrathin 0.13” display with 200 microns black panel that has cylindrical diffractive pattern.

As we have mentioned above it is the thinnest kindle with just 8.5mm thickness. It also accommodates a leather charging cover that promises to offer battery life worth for months and with the help of twelve magnets kindle can be attached securely. While if we remove the leather charging cover then we have eight weeks of battery life that sums up to two months.

It mounts physical page turn button on the sides of the device so that one can turn the pages without any hassle. It also comes up with accelerometer which changes the page orientation automatically according to the device’s position in left or right direction.

To reduce the power consumption it also comprehends new hibernation mode whenever kindle is not being used. It bears 4GB of storage on the board with WiFi 802.11 b/g/n as the connectivity feature. One also gets the option of 3G variant along with the other above mentioned features.

Features at a glance:

  • 6” display with 300ppi pixel desbity
  • Re-designed built-in LED lights offering 60% more brightness
  • 13” Display with 200 microns along with cylindrical diffractive pattern for consistency and range in screen brightness
  • Measures 8.5mm in thickness and weighs 131grams
  • Leather cover proffering months of battery back up
  • Physical page turn button on the side panel
  • Accelerometer to change the page orientation
  • Available in Wifi or 3G along with Wifi version
  • Available in black color