Vividha Get Married! Jaana Na Dil Se Door 10th May 2016 Episode Written Update

Vividha Get Married! Jana Na Dil Se Door 10th May 2016 Episode Written Update :- The show starts with beautiful scenes of Ajmer where Vividha is in market purchasing things for the Jaagran ceremony. Atharva got a medal for being the best student. He dedicates his medal to his mother. Vividha has proud of his father’s name with her name.

jaana na dil se door

Atharva got an offer for doing a job abroad. But he politely refuses as he wants to establish his own business and wants to live with his mother. He has his last name on the name of his mother, not from his father and he is proud of that.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode Written Update

Atharva heads to his home while Vividha heads for Devi’s temple. Vividha prays for everyone in her home. While Vividha is running to his way. Aatharv passes from there and Vividha’s Dupatta got tucked on his face he turns to see her but they failed to see each other’s face.

Vividha’s Dadi and her sister argues to each other. Vividha got a call from Kailash who informs her that he is arriving soon.

Somehow a lemon falls in kheer’s pot and the whole kheer got ruined. Vividha goes to buy milk from Atharva’s house. Atharva and Vividha bump into each other.

Atharva helps his cow in giving birth to its young one. Vividha faints to see that.

Kailash came there. Vividha wakes up and appreciates him for helping a cow. Vividha and Atharva argue for milk. Atharva hauls Vividha to rescue her but she shrieks on him for touching her.

Atharva praises his mother for parenting him alone. Jagran ceremony is at its end. Pandit Ji asks for kheer. Vividha asks from kaka where he got milk? He says Atharva brings milk. Vividha came to him to pay him for milk. But he refuses.


Kailash told everyone that he is seeking a boy for Vividha who belongs to the biggest heritage house, prestigious family and lots of maids around her not with a daydreamer.