Major Twist! Kumkum Bhagya 30th May 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Major Twist! Kumkum Bhagya 30th May 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- The last few episodes of “Kumkum Bhagya” who is raising the TRP charts for ZEE TV has gone through some serious suspense and drama.


Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode Written Updates

In the last episode ,Tanu went to meet the real father of his child who is Nikhil in Hospital. She told Nikhil about her plan and narrate him the story how Sarla took the blame on herself to protect her daughter Pragya from being accused of having involved in the robbery.

Tanu explains Nikhil that how she will manipulate Abhi against Pragya.
Meanwhile, Akash and Rachna went to the Hospital where Nikhil was Admitted.

But nurse informed them that Nikhil has already been discharged and someone had paid his complete bills.

They then decided to look for Hospital bills , so that they can get some proof against Tannu .

Tanu on the other side was very happy and was busy in counting the money. Suddenly Mitali saw tannu with the bag of money. She then asked her that she will tell everyone about this and later on police will came for her.

Somehow, Tanu befooled Mitali and asked her to take all the money.
When Mitali was touching the money , Tanu very cleverly clicked her pics and started blackmailing her that she will show this picture to everyone and might upload on Social media.

She asked Mitali to shut her mouth off. Tanu then decided to hide the entire bunch of money in some safer place so that, no one can never
find the money.

The serial continues with the scene showing that Pragya had received a call and told someone that Abhi will be there in 1 hour. She went to the Abhi’s room and saw him sleeping . She started thinking how Abhi helped and cheered her last night , then she asks Abhi to wake and go to the meeting.

Abhi on the other side thought Pragya will again get upset if he would go somewhere else. So he told Pragya that he is not well , in replied Pragya asked Abhi to take rest and she will call the Doctor.

Pragya brought a thermometer to measure the fever of Abhi , but Abhi had put that thermometer in the hot tea. When Pragya saw that thermometer she get shocked as the thermometer was showing the temperature of 109-degree celsius.

Meanwhile in the Hospital, Racha asked for bills from Receptionist and that bill contain the name of Nikhil.

On the other side , Mitali had a stomach pain because she was hiding a truth and asked Robin to prepare a lemon water for her , Pragya also ordered Robin for ice cubes.

Pragya informed Abhi that she will try the home based remedies to heal Abhi from fever , Abhi became happy and started thinking that now Pragya will take care of him.

Pragya Put the bag of ice cubes on Abhi’s head, Abhi told Pragya what she is doing , he will get more ill because of these ice cubes .

Then suddenly Pragya fell in the arms of Abhi , Abhi asked her to sit and checked her foot then Pragya said she will get sin If he would touch her foot.


In the upcoming episode, we will see some emotional drama in Kumkum Bhagya as Dadi will fall from the stairs and Pragya will shout by calling Dadi. Dadi.. continuously ,whereas Abhi will ask for the ambulance and will get scared for her beloved Dadi.