Mission Sapne Season 2 31st January 2016 Episode 3 Jimmy Shergill Turns Halwai Sold Jalebi

Mission Sapne Season 2 31st January 2016 Episode 3 Jimmy Shergill Turns Halwai Sold Jalebi : Mission Sapne is an Indian television reality show, the show is financially helped by an SOBO Films, which is aired on Colors TV every Sunday 8pm. Prominent celebrities use their popularity as a pedestal to do odd jobs. The first actor to appear on the show was Ranbir Kapoor. The first season ended on 27 April 2014. In today Episode Jimmy shergill help Rishu, an aspiring boxer, achieve her dreams.

Jimmy shergil mission sapne

The second edition of the TV show Mission Sapne, which features celebrities using their fame for the benefit of the common man, is set to premiere on Sunday.

A batch now, of jalebi that was sold for Rs 2500 tasted additional sweet. For the halwai was none other that the cause as well as good-looking hunk Jimmy Shergill was to help fighter Rishu Mittal out. The Sector 17 plaza of chandigarh dholies beating the drum and wore a festive appearance with the setting up of a halwai shop at the center of it.

On the stage an extremely fine halwai Jimmy Shergill, in aviators and his black coat on sold his products.

Rishu who resides together with her brother is the only breadwinner for his or her family. After her dad’s passing, her mom left her.

The dad of Rishu was a halwai who possessed a little store in Haryana. Rishu, a fervent fighter needed to give up her love for work and boxing as a helper in a closeby home in Haryana.

A motivated Rishu has one aim: to turn into a national boxing champ one day.

The show provides dramatic entertainment with a strong social message as entertainers from different industries willingly live the common man’s professional life for a day.

The show will see actress Sonali Bendre returning as the host for the second season in a row as she narrates the awe-inspiring success stories of the one-day professional endeavours of celebrities and the person they will be supporting.