Nimmi gets tensed being in mandap! Mere Angne Mein 12th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

The last night episode of the TV series “Mere Ange Mein” starts with Mohit was busy driving and he was constantly thinking about Preeti so meanwhile, he meets with an accident. The rush come and takes Mohit to the hospital for his treatment. While, wounding it was Mohit repeatedly taking Preeti’s name!

Nimmi gets tensed being in mandap! Mere Angne Mein 12th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

So the hospital authority now call Preeti and in the house while, now the marriage function is going per the marriage function it was Nimmi needs to bites the Sanjeev’s hands and Nimmi refeused about that which makes Sanjeev angry. Sarla says it is a Rasam.

Now the marriage function is done in the house and Preeti now get to know that Mohit meet with an accident and rush towards the hospital. Now Preeti was shocked to find that Mohit meet with an accident. Riya is now shocked to hear so and she wanted to stop Preeti but Preeti says that Mohit meet with an accident. I will be not stops today. I need to meet with Mohit. Riya looked on.

Now Riya asks her how you can go, this is not the time to go. Preeti says I don’t care and now Riya said okay but I will be coming with you. Now Shanti calls out Riya. Riya asks Preeti to wait till she is coming back and it is Riya will be coming back after handling Shaanti. Preeti asked Riya to come soon.
Riya goes. And Preeti feels she can’t wait more and rush towards the hospital to look Mohit. And Riya also unable to comeback as eventually she became busy with the guests.

Now Riya was shocked to find that Preeti has been leave and asked Nimmi that why she did not stop Preeti. Nimmi says about this to the Riya that Preeti was in no mood to listen anything and she leaves. Nimmi started crying now and Preeti consoles her.

Now Riya says that till now Preeti will not come, Nimmi you will be taking place of the Preeti and just get ready yourself on the bridal outfit. Nimmi gives nod and Riya said just be careful. Now Nimmi is sitting and covering her face with Ghunghat.

But Nimmi get tensed when Sharmili says I want to see the Bahu’s face and now Sharmili is about to unveils her face. Now Nimmi is anxious and closed her eyes.