Raavan getting Amar! Siya Ke Ram 28th February 2016 Written Updates

The last night episode of the TV series “Siya Ke Ram” stats with the Maharishi Mudgal treats Bharat. Bharat gets up and starts crying. Ram thanks Maharishi and says he is ready to do anything for the Rishi Mudgal as Rishi Mudgal saved his brother Bharath’s life. But Maharishi is himself is impress with Ram and says I dont need favour from you as Ram have been already done very much and saved this forest from demons.

Raavan getting Amar! Siya Ke Ram 28th February 2016 Written Updates

He blesses Ram and goes. Bharat sees Manvi crying but Sita consoles her. Sumantra is advices Ram and his brothers to leave for Ayodha now as everyone is waiting for them in their kingdom. Now Sambar asks Virat to give him more army but Virat says this time they are weak as Ram killed their Army and soon they will attack Ram. Mandodri sees her mother and gets emotional. She asks for Amrit Kalash from her father. Her father says he won’t as he hates Ravan very much from core of his heart.

Now when Kaikayee was busy in her work Kaushalya brings a girl Sugni here who is appointed as Sita’s helper. The duty of training her is of Manthra. Manthra scolds Sugni as Sugni did some mistakes but Sita said this is okay.
Now Ram and Sita leave for the Ashram. They will be in the Ashram to spend some quality time with each other. To know what happen next don’t forget to catch tonight episode of the mythological daily soap “Siya Ke Ram”.