Sid teases Roshni! Jamai Raja 12th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

The yesterday night episode of the TV series “Jamai Raja” starts with Constable to let Sid stay in house else he will file case against you. DD agrees. Sid thanks him. Roshni is worry for the Sid, are you having pain. Sid says yes. Now Roshni turn her wheel chair.

Sid teases Roshni! Jamai Raja 12th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

And Roshni was busy arranging some stuffs and Sid asked her what you are doing. Roshni brings some grapes and fruits and asked Sid to have it he is very weak right now. Sid says until you are here, I don’t need to worry. Now Sid try to flirts with Roshni by saying your touch is having magic and which is enough to cure my wound. Roshni asked to Sid that any how we need to call doctor for your treatment. Sid says I am okay but Roshni insists.

Sid says I am fine. Doctor comes. DD introduces Dr. Amol to Roshni and says he is working here for charity and is taking care of her parents. But suddenly Sid realised that it is DD is planning to kick him out from the house. So suddenly Sid says I love you Saasu Maa.

Now the Doctor checks Sid. And Sid said that he is having a pained. Roshni asks him to give some pain killer. DD asks him to give some tea. Sid says drink tea and don’t come again. DD thinks their Sid and Roshni’s Jodi as a husband and wife looks good. Roshni is about to tell doctor about Sid. But now DD started talking about the Sid’s and Roshni’s married life with the doctor.

Doctor asked to the DD that is not it is shocking that you call me to check the patient and here you are discussing with me about your daughter. Roshni is also there but DD asked her to bring tea and snack for the doctor and Roshni is leave now. Now DD said to the doctor I know this is unusual but I want to know and please let me know do you like Roshni.

Doctor said I am just meet with her, DD said then please meet with her again, I am sure you will be liking her. Now DD asked Roshni to spend some time with Amol as Roshni gradually shocked to know that DD had a memory lost and she thinks that it is me and Amol are the couple.

Precap: Sid tells Roshni to think and says it is good that Doctor agreed. He asks her to tease what you think about the proposal of the doctor. Roshni says I hope everything will be going good in the life of the mom and me.