24 Season 2 2nd October 2016 Written Updates Episode! Bomik gets infected by virus

24 Season 2 2nd October 2016 Written Updates Episode! Bomik gets infected by virus :- The last night of the TV series 24 Season 2 begins with Jai announced that he need to catch Roshan who is actually now escaped from the clutch of police. Roshan is aware of it that Vaidehi is arrested now and he needs to stop his daughter from revealing the entire truth anyway.


Aditya and Prithvi both are worried about the sudden demise of Shinde. Sidharth is worried for Shivani and Kiran will be going in the air of the poisons gas to research something. She actually needs to go there being a team of the same.

Sidharth is sceptical of Shivaani that she is having something with Kabir as he sees the picture of Shivani with Kabir. The crux of the story is that Roshan is in an evil plan against the city Mumbai and he is also worried about his daughter Vaidehi that her dad is missing and mummy is dead how she will be survives.

Roshan still lost in the jungle and Sidharth is trying to trace him. Till now Jai unable to find him but he is just busy searching him. Jai and Sidharth are keen to know the location of Roshan. Jai said let’s increase Vaidehi’s security; Roshan will try to free her, keep me posted. Siddharth says I know yes.

Jai asks Mihir about Roshan fleeing. Mihir says I m trying to get backup feed. Jai says fine, upload on the phone. Jai asks Abhishek to continue patrolling. Vedant asks Jai did Maddy hack ATU’s satellite feed. Jai says it’s not so easy Vedant, something is wrong. Jai is sceptical.

Precap: Vedant says we got Shivani’s body. Jai asks does Siddharth know this. Siddharth takes Vaidehi and says I m ATU head, I came to take you. Vedant asks Mihir to check on Siddharth. Mihir says he is not in his cabin. Jai says lockdown ATU. Aditya says I m just making Roshan feel sad, I will not negotiate with him. Boumikh gets infected by the virus. Kiran goes to meet Veer wearing the broken medic suit. Devyaani sees Aditya’s nose bleeding.