5 Channels for Learning on Youtube

Social media and web browsing take too much of our daily time. Why not use the precious hours to learn something new and upgrade our existing knowledge by making use of these innovative technologies. YouTube is not just a place for viral videos. It is not just a platform that gives access to trending music and movies. Don’t just use it for playing games. YouTube has many channels. A user can use these channels to learn anything at any time. It is high time to become smart and use the precious time to watch the best educational YouTube channels and sharpen the brains. Make learning a fun experience by watching the best educational YouTube channels mentioned in the list below.

Watch these 5 channels to learn something new every day!

Balloon songs channel

Balloon songs channel offers the best and unique Finger Family songs, Nursery Rhymes songs, and Water Wet Balloon songs. This channel has a collection of various balloon songs. These songs help the kids to understand the colors. This kind of learning process enables them to reach their potential at the earliest. These songs are for kids of all ages. These balloon songs are a fun way to help kids learn something new. Toddlers, as well as young and old kids who are non-native speakers, benefit from them as these songs help them to learn colors quickly. All of them are highly popular among kids. They inspire the kids. They help the kids to learn something new on an everyday basis. Moreover, these rhymes make learning a fun experience. Balloon songs channel makes learning a fun experience, especially to non-native speakers.

Whiz Kid Science Channel

If science interests your child, Whiz Kid Science channel is the best place to be on YouTube. All the projects shown on this channel seem to be helpful and have a practical approach. The spokesman is young and provides an eye-catching presentation. Elementary school science project help kids of elementary age to learn something new and widen their knowledge in the vast field of science and technology. All the projects are safe. They keep kids engaged. They help kids to understand the world around them at a tender age. Moreover, it helps to create a bond between kids and parents when they participate together in fun innovative projects. These channels serve as a top-notch resource for enhancing the knowledge at a young age.


If parents want to make mathematics an accessible as well as a fun experience for their kids, Numberphile is the best option. It helps to learn advanced mathematics concepts. Every concept is well-explained. It is a channel for older kids who have a natural incline towards learning mathematics. It helps to develop an affinity, an everlasting love towards maths. It makes mathematics a fun topic. All one needs to do is spend a little time on the channel and understand it.

BBC Learning English

BBC develops the content. English learners have free access to these channels. The videos are kept short. All the information provided in these videos are well-explained. Different themes and situations are incorporated. Some of them are grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, interviews, and music. Lots of new videos are uploaded daily. A user can learn English in a fun way. What can be more fun than watching a channel to submerge in the depth of knowledge?


If you love science and the world of illusions, Brusspup is the perfect channel. This channel offers various subcategories such as cool science tricks, anamorphic illusions, and amazing illusions. Science-based experiments they show are a visual treat. These experiments can be carried out at home safely. It is because the materials listed are easy to find. Moreover, they list the exact measurements. It is a great channel for students as well as for teachers and for everyone who loves illusions and science.


Education and learning are not just confined to schools and universities these days. One need not worry about the lack of money that is causing a hindrance in their learning process. Step in the world of internet. It is full of educational channels that help to learn something new. A user can easily access them and learn as much as possible. Irrespective of whether the interest lies in science or mathematics, technology or illusions,

YouTube offers everything to everyone. A user can learn as per the convenience and choose the channels of interests. These channels make the learning process fun. Learning becomes easy. They enlighten the minds of the user and help them to see the world in a better way.