Amazon Echo 2018 Review: Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen) is special

Amazon recently updated the Eco Dot, Echo and Eco Plus devices for 2018 with new features and upgraded Alexa offerings with a plethora of new Echo devices. Let’s check out the new upgraded Echo Plus to figure out what is new and whether it is good enough for the old users to upgrade it.

Amazon Echo Plus (2018) review: Alexa serves bass with a smile

The all new Echo plus (second generation) has got new upgrade. It has got a new design which is much smaller and quite admirable from the Echo Plus of first generation. The previous version of echo plus was large and had cylindrical metallic body. Now, the new Echo Plus has some new modifications. As every new speaker now a days, Echo plus also has fabricated body. On the top, it has four buttons, two toggles volume and other two are for controlling the Alexa and to mute.

What is new in Amazon Echo Plus?   

The new design has a dark grey fabric coating. It has seven microphones on the top and at the back is an audio jack and charging port. The LED ring around speaker depicts the status of Alexa. Echo Plus features Dolby speakers which give better sound quality than the previous version. This model is slightly thicker than the previous one. It has 8-inch woofer inside with 0.8 tweeter.

The Echo Plus has Zigbee connectivity which helps in connecting with Zigbee compatible home accessories. It also has wifi 802.11 AC. It carries a temperature sensor at the back which tells the temperature of the room or the place where it is kept. Isn’t it cool? Just ask Alexa and you will easily know the temperature of the place where you are sitting and you can even set an alarm if the temperature goes above or below your requirement.

Amazon not only worked out in its outer design or feature but has also upgraded Alexa for providing better services. Let’s check it out the all new upgraded ‘Alexa’….

Alexa Review

Alexa also got new upgrades as Amazon is trying to update it on regular basis. Alexa is virtual assistance AI software of Echo variants – Echo dot, Echo and Echo Plus which is similar to the Apple’s siri.

Alexa is connected to the internet, so it forecasts the weather, plays the music, makes to-do list, sets alarm and does numerous other works. Alexa also helps as a calculator.

The new upgraded Alexa has the new feature of locating the devices around itself by zigbee connectivity in the home for example if you have phillip hue lightbulb in your home, then just ask Alexa to locate devices nearby. It will tell you about the devices and would connect to them which now you can control through Echo. It helps in home automation.

Overall it is a good deal for the new users to buy it, with all its new up-gradations but it might not please the old users for moving to this new upgrade version. But if you are planning to gift Echo Plus to your loved ones than go for it .It can be best as a gift to others in such festive season at Rs 11,999.

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