Amazon Echo Show Review: Alexa acquires a bigger better screen

Amazon Echo Show Review: Alexa acquires a bigger better screen: A lot has taken place in the past one year from the time when Amazon first debuted the Amazon Echo Spot in India. Amazon presented a slew of new devices like the Amazon Echo Wall Clock as well as the Amazon Basics Microwave oven, in its worldwide markets. Amazon furthermore presented a number of those devices such as the Amazon Echo Input, the Amazon Echo Sub, the 2nd generation Echo Plus as well as the 3rd generation Echo Dot in India.

Amazon Echo Show Review

But the Echo Show didn’t come to India all this the meantime, a year after the Dot came presenting, the Show, now in its 2nd generation, with larger and better quality screen is Amazon’s second smart speaker with screen in India.

The 2nd generation Amazon Echo Show marked a worldwide debut previously this month. The first-generation Show was a somewhat odd looking smart speaker along with a display that had speakers casing almost 2/3rd of the screen. The 2nd generation Amazon Echo Show, which costs Rs 22,999, is improved than that.

It has a bigger, brighter and therefore a better display, a comprehensive and an appealingly attractive design and a great speaker system that permits you to have the finest of both worlds – a smart speaker and a speaker system – deprived of cooperating on anything. And this we consider is one of the major and the most significant features of this device.

When it comes to smart speakers, it is frequently observed that while they are extremely smart, they don’t deliver an extremely great audio output, a little that people or else expect from an exclusive speaker. On the other hand, the new Echo Show, just like its additional siblings that is latest generation Echo Dot and Echo Plus.

This resolves this problem by providing operators a better control over the sound through Amazon’s Alexa apps. What helps this experience is the display that is bright and clear, even when watched from the sides.


  • Impressive sound quality
  • Crystal clear display
  • Larger screen than previous model
  • Built-in smart home hub


  • Expensive
  • No Z-Wave integration

On the other hand, what reduces the doe-eyed Alexa experience is a inconsistent YouTube experience, which still isn’t up to the mark. Other than that the recently launched Echo Show is going to be, if you get it, your new best friend, mainly if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

The viewing directions of the Amazon Echo Show are unconditionally astonishing and they make it promising to use its lit up display from every distance or angle in the room deprived of compromising on the complete experience.

The Amazon Echo Show is a compact and up till now is extremely powerful smart speaker that looks like a mini TV screen. The Amazon Echo Show is a bit pricey at the price of about Rs 23000, but if you haven’t spent in a smart speaker by now or if you want to add a new one to your collection to make your home and it is the ideal choice for you. Alexa is obedient as well as quick to respond. The Amazon Echo Show is going to be a great new addition to your home.