Anushka Sharma is down with Pokemon Go frenzy & she wants to catch them all!

Anushka Sharma is down with Pokemon Go frenzy & she wants to catch them all! :- Everyone goes fallen in the famous free-to-play location-based augmented reality game “Pokemon Go”, And presently it’s so trendy in the worldwide and now the Bollywood fame diva Anushka Sharma crazy for the Pokemon Go and she also find everywhere a Pokemon to catch them and enjoy this game and she feels like a Pokemon hunter.

Anushka Sharma is down with Pokemon Go frenzy and she wants to catch them all!

According to the Bollywood reports, Where the Presently like everywhere, Anushka Sharma has momentarily followed the accepted secured to Pokemon Go. The star Anushka, who is handling high on the victory of ‘Sultan’, went out on Pokemon shooting and now the actress needs to catch them all.

While, in the video uploaded by the actress Anushka Sharm herself, we see Anushka, clothed in a traditional black tank top, grabbing Pokemon on her phone.

The time the actress got her first Pokemon, she couldn’t support however thrust her hold in the air and smile brilliantly. Great, looks like our diva needs to convert a Pokemon hunter and by the aspects of it and we have no difficulty that she will shine at it.

Anushka is not the single one who is infected with this excitement game. Obviously, we days ago, Shah Rukh Khan made titles subsequent he tweeted about Pokemon Go game.

So everyone is so much crazy about to finds Pokemon and caught then. while just only one month to go launching and this is too much popular beside of candy crush game, and it’s much beneficial game for those who only lives inside the home because of the interesting thing about this game when yo going to outdoor and continuous walk then you will find the Pokemon and after a report where to confirm that on this game daily 21 million active users that show his publicity.