Apple to accommodate free batteries for the IPhone 6 users

Apple to accommodate free batteries for the IPhone 6 users :- The Apple Finally decided to replace the battery for some of the selected iPhone 6S series devices that were manufactured in September and October in 2015. It is believed that the company will offer the battery with free of cost for the I Phone 6 that are facing some technical issue due to its battery.According to the reports, numbers of the users of the Apple I-Phone 6 has complained regarding the shutdown of the device even after a full charge. The officials of the Apple responded for the complaint from their customers and stated an investigation and the outcome of it suggested that certain iPhone 6S series devices that were manufactured in the months of September and October 2015 are at fault.


The company asked their user of the I Phone 6 to visit the nearest Apple store and return the old battery and get the new battery for the free of the cost. Since the announcement of the company regarding the free change of battery, the large numbers of the people with the I Phone 6 rushed to their nearest store for the change of the battery.

However, even Apple knows that even the people are coming at the store who are not facing a single problem in their I Phone 6. For avoiding any chaos, the Apple springs up with an online tool on its support page that will help the people to understand whether they are eligible for the exchange of battery or not.

The Apple I Phone 6 user needs to go to the System and enter their serial number of the device and the system will automatically reveal the user whether they are eligible for the batter change of not.

How to see a serial number of Apple iPhone 6S?

The user of the Apple I Phone 6 needs to go their phone setting and then General was setting and then about click on About and find your device’s serial number there, IMEI/MEID, and ICCID. After finding the serial number of the batter, the user needs to put the serial number in the system provided by the Apple on their home page and then they will be able to know their eligibility for the free exchange of their battery.