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Do you love basketball and want to be aware of all the latest news? Then, the website 777score is exactly what you need to miss no time and receive only comprehensive and reliable information. In Basketball, it’s very important to be aware of all the latest news. The matter is that the events on the arena move really fast, as every second plays a big role here. This already happened in this season.

In the current season, many fans focus on how LeBron James is playing in “Los Angeles Lakers”.

The “King” started taking the initiative from the first matches and the result isn’t long in coming. There were matches when he gained 50 points, which proves the greatness of this player again. Thanks to – basketball, you can receive all the latest information in its full extent without spending much time.

However, it is still hard to call “Lakers” an obvious leader of the season. The team alternates frank failures with successful matches. On 777score, you can see statistics of its games.

Now, the team pretends for staying in the play-off zone but it is really difficult to give long-term forecasts on such an eventful basketball season. With it, in the first half of the regular championship, there is incredible closeness in the Western Conference league table. “Phoenix” looks really bad here.

Team’s Prospects for the Second Half of the Season

If taking into account summer transfers, “Lakers” just must enter the play-off round. The team’s advantages at the long tournament distance are:

  1. Excellent squad.
  2. Mastership of players and especially James. He has already shown that he’s able to change the tide of the competition. What does prove LeBron’s importance for the club? It’s “Cleveland” that fell to the last line of the Eastern Conference league table without James.
  3. Unstable competitors. In the NBA, too many teams alternate successful games with fair failures, which may help the players of “Lakers”.

You can always follow the latest results of LeBron & Co on the website of the sports statistics that presents detailed information about the basketball world and other sports competitions. Join us and you’ll be always aware of all the latest news.

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