Five Incredible Benefits of Having Good Attendance in School

Each day that a child misses school becomes a lost opportunity to learn something new. Frequent days off and too much absenteeism not only affects the personal achievement of the student missing but also disrupt the entire class’s learning. When a child attends school regularly, it gradually builds momentum, and the child starts to enjoy classes and feel better about school.

Singapore private schools expect their students to maintain a good attendance score in an academic year to successfully grasp and cover the learning objectives and intended program. 

Here are five incredible benefits of having good attendance in school:

  • The Need for Friends

For children, school would be a very different place without friends. Not only do children get to catch up with their friends, play sports with them, partake in activities, and stay updated with the latest school happenings – friends are an indispensable part of life and help each other cope with life.

Good friends are the most loyal fan club members and are there to support your child when they play their first game or take part in an interschool competition.

By sending your child to school daily, you help them build and strengthen these bonds. This is why when your child is unwell and home, they know they can count on someone to take meticulous notes and share class updates, so they do not fall behind in class. 

  • Getting that Perfect Attendance Award 

Some schools offer an award to kids who have perfect attendance. At times it may not be an award but a simple acknowledgement and quoting that child as an example for others in the class to follow. For super-competitive students, receiving the perfect attendance award is a great honor and motivator.

Even if a student is not as competitive, getting that 100% attendance award is quite extraordinary. It gives children a sense of achievement, where they overcome apprehensions and reluctance to show up. It indicates they fought those blah days, came despite not studying for a class test, and on lazy days when all one would want to do is curl up with a blanket and watch soppy Rom-Coms.

Being in class is characteristic of one’s commitment to education and the belief that showing up is essential.

  • The School Spirit 

Nothing can be compared to a school brimming with school spirit. Students find a school to be their safe haven and one of the best places in the world for them to go to.

A school provides so much more than just education – from school events to pep rallies to sports days, a school knows how to turn up and be there for its students of all grades, be it primary or secondary school students.

A student loves to be a part of all that excitement and the pride associated with their school, which reasons enough for them to show up every day at school. 

  • School is Much Fun!

Everyone needs to have fun in life, and school is that avenue for students. Learning new things, meeting your friends, exploring new ideas, going on excursions, succeeding in classes, excelling in extracurricular activities, and having a school lunch with friends is all fun.

Not every school is the same, and neither do schools offer the same facilities but what each school has in common is providing students with education and experience. This quest for knowledge transcends the classroom to the entire school environment.

The time one remembers most through their life is their time at school and going to school helps build these beautiful memories.

  • To Get Prepared for Life

It may not appear that a school is preparing students to navigate life and be successful, but it is. Students learn about various things at school that may be optional in their work.

Someone may not have any use of the application of the value of pi (3.14), various types of rocks (metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary), or even the eight parts that constitute speech (noun, adjective, verb, pronoun, adverb, conjunction, preposition, and interjection).

However, the fact that they get up and show up each day, work hard at school, and apply their learnings in real life are essential life skills to gain at school. International schools in Singapore familiarise children with experiential learning, problem-solving, critical thinking etc.

These skills will definitely serve students in college and when they join the workforce. Thirteen years of going to school daily will help them to master essential skills and apply them in the world outside of school.

How Can You Help Your Child Have Good Attendance? 

At times children don’t actively look forward to going to school and require a little push from your end to complete their tasks. You are their parents and should not hesitate to get involved in your child’s academic life to understanding their social situations and school performance.

Take part in your child’s academic success, ensuring they are on time every day. Going late to school can put a strain on your child’s ability to keep up with the rest of the class academically. This will make them underconfident and unwilling to attend class. 

  • Make them accountable by teaching them to use an alarm clock to wake up,
  • Ensure that their homework and projects are complete and actively participate in your child’s school life,
  • Ask your child about their school day, actively hear their praises and complaints,
  • Host play dates with their classmates, and
  • Develop a rapport with your child’s teacher. 

As parents, you should start inculcating this regularity and habit from the very start, so children understand the importance of going to school daily and on time. When children miss fewer days of school, they become better readers. 


Singapore private schools encourage good attendance habits as they pay off in the short and long run. The more school days your child attends, the higher their chances of academic success, earning a high school diploma, a coveted college degree, and eventually being able to pursue a career of their choice.

Remember, 80% of one’s success lies in simply showing up! Students who attend school today become achievers of tomorrow. School is meant to keep kids safe, educate them and prepare them for their future. Thus, attending school daily and not missing out becomes fundamental to a child’s future.

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