Best American Horror Story Seasons

Commonly known as AHS, American Horror Story is one of the most-chilling TV shows of all time. While most of the TV shows focus on love, romance, crime, and drama, AHS is meant to send chills down your spine. The show also addresses other exciting topics that are common in the current age.

The show has eight seasons, and they all have some incredible episodes. All the eight shows have their highs and lows, but there are some that are considered the best. The fact that it features some of the famous faces like Lady Gaga makes the show a hit. Thought the show has different viewers’ opinion, here is our list of the best American Horror Story Seasons.You can watch the American Horror Story online and enjoy all those chilling and suspense-filled seasons.

  1. Season 2: Asylum

Some viewers might argue that this is not the best AHS season, but it actually is. The second season of the TV show is where the producers and directors did most of the thinking. It focuses on Lana Winters, who is a journalist back in the 1960s. Lana, who is played by Sarah Paulson, is investigating the abuses that are going down in the insane New England asylum.

Things get interesting when Lana finds herself committed to the same asylum she is investigating. In time, Lana conflicts with Sister Jude, who’s played by Jessica Lange. Sister Jude is a strict nun that runs the asylum. Other than the stern sister, Lana also crosses lines with the serial killer, Bloody Face, who is played by the ever-interesting, Zachary Quinto, and Dr. Arden, played by James Cromwell. Dr. Arden is a Nazi war criminal that might also be Dr. Josef Mengele, or is he?

And let alone Dr. Josef’s suspicious identity and the ‘enemy of the state,’ Lana Winters. Some aliens are believed to be visiting the patients in the asylum. This show also depicts how the American society had attempted to wipe out the LGBTQ people for going against the norm.

Just so you know, the controversial journalist, Lana Winters, is a lesbian, who is made known to the people in the asylum when she is trapped in there.

  1. Season 3: Coven

The third season is also great, even though it didn’t feature much of some scary stuff. The characters in AHS season 3 did an incredible performance. For instance, it is in the third season that the writer, Ryan Murphy, explores the women more.

Take, for example, the story revolving around Madison Montgomery, played by Emma Robertson, and Fiona Goode, played by Jessica Lange. These two ladies bring drama to the show, and they also display their witchy characters with excellence. You will almost not come across a male character in Coven, but the ladies do their thing excellently.

It touches on the superpowered witches that have some stunning wigs and costumes. Angela Bassett, who plays Marie Laveau is a voodoo witch that has an ax to slice through anyone that she doesn’t like. The battle in Coven is typically unstoppable because the characters could be brought back from the dead. Don’t expect to experience some drama in this season. Regardless of that, the catfights and the remarks of those superwomen is worth watching.

  1. Season 1: Murder House

Well, the first season wasn’t bad at all, which is why the show continues to the eighth season. But it was also not the best. Its ending is what made people want to watch it. Coming it at the third spot, Murder House introduced us to some of the most exceptional characters of the AHS.

Leading cast members died in the first season, which left the audience in suspense. They didn’t know what to expect next. Hayden McClaine, played by Kate Mara, Dr. Ben Harmon, played by Dylan McDermott, and Connie Britton, who plays Vivien Harmon, all died in the first season.

The producers of the show promised the audiences that the show would be back with a new twist. The season revolved around the haunted house that told us about the story of a family that was divided by infidelity and grief. You can never forget about the gimp monster and the tiny creatures that were crawling in the basement.

Sister Jude is also introduced in the first season, and she proves how no-nonsense she can be. She is the audience’s favorite female character throughout the first four seasons. Sister Jude would kill just about anyone in the show. She is responsible for the murder of most of the show’s stars.

Furthermore, the Antichrist is born at the end of the first season, which proved the show’s level of creativity and suspense.

  1. Season 7: Cult

Cult had a decent performance, which is believed to be a response to the 2016 election when the unexpected happened. It was in this season that Lana Winters meets with Even Peters, who plays Tate Langdon. Their altercation was incredible, and it was one of the finest in the show.

It is a top season, but the writers went so much into politics, which was a turn-off. There is a killer clown cult that are brainwashing the Michigan town residents. The Cult is trying to make the residents follow its murderous ways.

Lana Winters is also in the season, and she will help you understand the AHS chaotic world if you want to get the writers’ message. In the Cult, Lana is terrified, but she turns that fear into a dark nature. You can be sure of enjoying this season, even as it comes to an end. Don’t forget about those creepy clowns.

  1. Season 8: Apocalypse

The last season of the show, Apocalypse, brings back the characters from the first three seasons. Technically, Apocalypse is a continuation of AHS season 1. The season ushers in the grown version of demon-child Michael Langdon, who is a sinister offspring of Vivien Harmon and Tate Langdon, a human and a ghost. Creepy, right? Michael Langdon is believed to be the one who brings the End of Day.

The witches from Coven will be back in the last season of the show. Apocalypse also touches on the end of days from every aspect. There is some sorcery in this final season, so you should prepare for it.