7 BEST MOVIES ON NETFLIX RIGHT NOW: –In this world of the Internet, where internet is on everyone’s fingertips and with a good connectivity in remote areas as well the entertainment companies have flourished a lot and have gained popularity over television sets and the youths are much more attracted towards them. One such entertainment company “Netflix” with thousands of stuffs to entertain you ranging from newly released movies and shows in your regional language has become very popular these days. Here we will be providing you with some of the best movies on Netflix trending these days. So, the list begins


One of my personal favourites and deserves to be one on this list. An eccentric, pubescent love story directed by Wes Anderson will win your hearts. The film was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture- Musical or Comedy and it revolves around two young characters named Sam and Suzy and their love story in a Scout Camp. They flee from the camp and hike to the cove which they named as the Moonrise Kingdom. The after a journey of this beautiful comic love story is a must watch and is going to fascinate you. Sign in to Netflix to explore more about these innocent kids or simply go for free movie apps to stream the same movie if you’re tight in budget.


Based on a famous novel “Of the Same Name” by Adam Nevill, The Rituals will leave you biting your nails under your teeth. Watch it if you are an admirer of horror movies. The movie is about five friends- Phil, Hutch, Rob, Luke, Dom. The five friends were planning for a group trip which later turned out to be a horrible experience for the four of them as one was initially shot dead and to honor his wish the rest of the four planned on the trip. How this honor turned into a horror experience is a suspense for you and for that you will have to watch the movie The Ritual on Netflix.

  1. HEAT

The American crime action film HEAT by Michael Mann is must thriller movie. The robbery of $1.6 million worth bond is the central plot of the film. Neil, the career criminal hires Waingro to assist him in the robbery. After the successful robbery, Waingro suggests selling back the bonds to the real owner, which instructs his men to kill him at the meeting which somehow Waingro manages to escape and the plans to take a revenge for the plot against him. The entry of a beautiful spy in the plot will also give the movie a different turn which will be revealed at the end. Won’t give any spoilers about the same and will suggest you have a look at it yourself.


Another American thriller with the title ” Drive Fast, Think Faster”, the movie “Wheelman” will leave you numb with some extraordinary stunts shown during the film. The writer-director of the movie, Mr. Jeremy Rush has done an exceptional work. The story revolves around a man “the wheelman” which takes part in a race-for-survival after a robbery in a bank goes terribly wrong and it’s the matter to safeguard his family that he takes this risk in a car full of money. The power pack action sequences and stunts in the movie are must watch and the entire team is praiseworthy for the hard work they put in. Subscribe to your Netflix Account to enjoy this thriller action.


The movie that needs no introduction and is a gem in the Marvel Collection. A yet another masterpiece from the Marvel studios that leaves us right on our toes with our superheroes competing against each other. Describing anything about the visual effects, casts and the plot of the movie won’t do a justification for the movie until and unless you experience the same. I would rather suggest you watch the movie if you haven’t seen it yet and to re-watch it if you have already seen it. This movie is worth your watch.


Another Horror movie in the list, which remained one of the four horror movies to be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. The movie is a perfect example of some strong performances from the lead performers in the film and never lose its charm and keep the audience into the film. If you are ready for an incomparable horror experience, then login to Netflix for ” The Sixth Sense”.

  1. 13th

As simple the title might seem to you, the deeper message film carried. The film will infuriate you, inculcate a sense of depression within you and will enlighten the anger to revolt against a system that has done harm to our fellow citizens. The movie shows the form of injustice shown by the government, the media and by the businesses against the black people and how they were targeted to create a new form of slavery. The ill-treatment done with them will leave you restless.

We tried to create a list of some of the masterpieces from different genres which are trending on Netflix these days. There are many more movies which are not included in the list and are extremely good in their genres, but these 7 movies in the above list will fascinate you. We would love to hear your response, once you finish watching these movies and share your responses with us, whether our liking matches with yours or not.