Bigg Boss 10 Day 3 19th October 2016 Episode Written Updates BB10 Fight in Maalik Vs Sevak Task!

Bigg Boss 10 Day 3 19th October 2016 Episode Written Updates BB10 Fight in Maalik Vs Sevak Task! : It is only Day 2 for the housemates in the house of the Bigg Boss season 10. This was expected, with the combination of the common man (Indiawaale) and celebrity contestants (currently the Sevaks) on the show and no wonder why the same is literally going on.


Now in the Bigg Boss Season 10 it is the first luxury budget task is yet to start, which will actually reveal some deep, dark secrets of the common people contestants by no one else the celebrities’ contestants’. After the last night episode of the show which showcased that there was ugly spat in the house but eventually everything sorted out anyway!

Bigg Boss 10 19th October 2016 Written Updates

In ‘Raaz’, as the task is called, the celebrities will be given a riddle to solve and guess the name of the commoner contestant which is yet to disclose the secret. If the celebrities prove successful in solving the riddle, they will get to be the ‘Maliks’ of the house while the ‘Indiawale’ contestants will become their ‘Sevaks’ vice versa.

Also, if the celebrities give a correct reply, the person whose secret just reveals he have to then admit their secret in one hand on the other hand they have to displace the piece of paper placed in a bottle in the living area. At the start of this task, on Day 2, celebrity contestant Gaurav Chopra could successfully solve the riddle associated with common contestant Akanksha Sharma, who is ex-wife of Yuvraj Singh’s younger brother will turn out to be ‘Malik’ of her.

Meanwhile, there have been massive altercations between the common man ‘Indiawale’ and celebrity contestants. For this week, the celebs are serving the ‘Indiawale’. They are required to eat only on banana leaves as they are not allowed to use plate for having food either any kitchen utensils. Additionally, they are not allowed to use the bathroom, gym or pool before the commoners will be done with the uses of that.

On day two, celebrity contestant Karan Mehra and ‘Indiawale’ Manu Punjabi get into a fight when Karan asked the Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain actor that the food they are making is really bad. He uses the word ‘vaahiyat’ (terrible).

Obviously, Karan doesn’t like this gesture of Manoj Punjabi aka Mannu and he asked to Mannu that really Mannu is rude to have a cold argument but all goes in vain as Mannu did not till seek apology from Karan anyhow.

The celebrities, as can be seen, are trying their best to keep up with their work and they are indeed handling the issues in their calm avatar. Be it cooking or cleaning the pool three times a day, the celebs are completing all the tasks but still some commoners are going aggressive with them as well they are showing their attitudes.

Om Swami’s over-assertive arguments and comments aren’t going down too well with the housemates. Celebrity contestant Lopamudra, who initially bonded with Om Swami, was seen getting into a full-blown fight with him.

Swami is even seen commenting on her growing friendship between Gaurav and Akanksha and trying to deter Gaurav from going ahead with the relationship.
On the other hand, ‘Indiawale’ Manoj and Priyanka Jagga’s unnecessary fighting does not liking by team members. But the celebrities are united and are making sure they don’t cross the line or break any rules in the house while doing the task.

One contestant who is appearing strong is Gaurav (Chopra). But he is nominated in very first week but he is seen supporting his team mates against the commoners’ participants’.

Gaurav also delivers a solution by hiding the ‘Hukum ki ghanti’(the bell that the Indiawaale can use to demand work from the Sevaks) which shows his naughty avatar and asks his team to sit back in the spare time.

Gaurav and Monalisa are nominated among the celebrity contestants, and Priyanka (Jagga) and Manu (Punjabi) are the commoners are in the danger zone. Monalisa aka Antara Biswas may have kept a low profile till now, but she surely a strong contender for the show seems like anyway as she is having a massive fan base in UP and Bihar.