Blackberry Going To Launch Two Mid-Range Android smartphones, says CEO

Blackberry has finally taken a step to make sure that mid range smartphone are going to be sold more but if its android its going to show a drastic expansion in the sales as the android smartphone OS is one of the burning 56% of the complete smartphone in the market, For the people who are looking to have a smartphone with a qwerty keypad will always turn towards the BlackBerry. These smartphone are made for the people who have looking to have a mid-priced smartphone with all the features of android as well as blackberry.

Blackberry Planning Two Mid-Range Android smartphones Soon

Blackberry Going To Launch Two Mid-Range Android smartphones, says CEO

Blackberry Going To Launch Two Mid-Range Android smartphones, says CEO

After the huge success of BlackBerry Priv the company has finally going to launch two android smartphones for the other people who are willing to but a new smatphone which has the latest smartphone but are also the die hard fans for the blackberry look and feel, As we all know that the last smartphone Priv was a high end smartphone and was having the android OS, But was now that cheap.

This is they way by which BlackBerry is going to make there appearance back into the market and this time they are thinking to take the complete market of smartphone with a boom.

As, The report says’s, The company sayed its going to ship 600,000 smartphones till March 2016, which is below analyst forecasts.

BlackBerry launched Priv with the latest Android 6.0 and a slide-able QWERTY keyboard as well as a touchscreen in late November last year, Which has been huge success.  In India the smartphone launched in January 2016, with a price-tag of Rs 62,999, which pretty much put the device in the league of the iPhone.

Many reviewers had noted at the time of the Priv’s launch that the device came far too late as the BlackBerry struggling goes on  in smartphone maker. In our own review, the price was something we felt was far too high.

So, this was the complete conclusion for the people and new people are thinking to move back to blackerry after they have seen the BlackBerry Priv performance but its too expensive. So, this is the way blackberry is thinking to take over the smartphone market.

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