Breaking news in Ghana: 5 Lessons learnt from the 2018 VGMA

The most prestigious and anticipated music awards in Ghana took place on April 14, 2018 at the Accra International Conference Center. The event brought together the most elite and who is who in the Ghanaian entertainment industry.


The 2018 edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards went down in memory as one of the most hyped event to rock the entertainment scene this year. Despite a few mishaps and technical glitches here and thee, the rest of the ceremony was well organized and coordinated.

The event organizers built on the errors from the previous year to give the fans one of the most moment defining events of the season. It is good to see how the event brought together different event promoters through collaborative effort to make it a success.

Even though the event is over, we are still in the wake of the beauty and creativity it brought. The performances ranged from spectacular to those teeth cringing moments. Here are some of the lessons we took from the 2018 VGMA:

1. The crown of king of live band goes to Samini

It is not that easy to perform to with a live band especially with the different genres of music. But Samini made it look like a walk in the park as he flowed and blended perfectly with the band all throughout his performances. He is truly a wonderful performer and other artists should seek his secret recipe. Some of the performances by the other artists seemed liked they were used to miming and never had rehearsals for the performances.

From the moment he stepped foot on the stage he took the crowd by storm. He delivered an impeccable performance that will go down in the history books. His seen hiatus from the Ghanaian music scene for a while made a renaissance the moment he performed with the live band. His performance should have taken the award for best one done with a live band. Mad respect to this legend, whose latest news you can find by clicking here.

2. Legendary Sarkodie

You can never tell what the rapper has rolled up his sleeves during his performances. Every year his performances take us by surprise as he always experiments on different styles. For a person doing his genre of hip hop it is very difficult to pull off a decent performance especially when backed up by a live band. It is common for the rappers voice to get soaked up with the instruments but not for Sarkodie. He made sure we heard everything he had to say.

Breaking news in Ghana report on the awesome entry the star made. I mean how do you pull that army of chorister’s entry? Who even thought of that? Well it was definitely legendary Sarkodie. He left us anticipating for the next edition of the 2019 VGMA to see what he has in store for us.

Despite bagging several awards like the Best Rapper and Hiplife Artiste of the Year, the performance was something to go down in history. He received a standing ovation from his fans as everyone sang alone to all his hit songs.
The BET Award winner was not shy of showing us why he deserves the award. We just hope he incorporates the performances in his next shows with the live band. That is a performance I will pay to see again. Sarkodie really raise the levels in the industry, we are expecting so much more from the rapper this year.

3. Night of wardrobe malfunction

Well in a glamorous event like the 2018 VGMAs, it was not paramount that some of the celebrities would have a wardrobe malfunction. The red carpet was the perfect place for the celebrities to show off their authentic tastes in fashion. Some of the outfits were utter genius and impressive but some of them left us wondering.

The cameras were ready to capture the dress code error and boy do they have a lot to show. We were impressed by some of the celebrities who put in the effort and time to look the part. Some of them were audacious and even tried some of Ghana’s latest designs from top designs. I was easy to spot the latest designs each to detail.

According to breaking news in Ghana, some of the images from the musician’s dresses made rounds on social media as they were trolled beyond control. It went to the extent that someone developed funny memes for the images. Most of the stars were spotted in over-sized dresses while other hid little to the imagination as they rocked tight dresses that exposed their derriere but not in a sexy way. Also some of the designs were downright weird as it lacked originality to say the least.

The colors from the event were off especially given it was a celebration event. But this acted as a warning for the artists that the fashion cops are always on the lookout. The badly dressed artists were trolled on social media and could not wait to see the end of the event. Next time simplicity and authenticity would do the cut.

4. Controversial awards year in year out

The tradition of controversial awards was kept alive during the year’s edition of the VGMAs. It is common for other awards to experience the glitches and it seemed the VGMAs were no different.

Some of the artists were walking head high with several awards in their grasp. As for others, it was a moment of revelation and a point of disappointed from the fans that were rooting for their win.

The Popular Song of the Year ‘total cheat’ by Fancy Gadam had tongues wagging at the event. Everyone had expected the most popular song to go to Patapaa’s ‘one corner’ but this was a complete shocker. But it is important to note that the votes are made purely by fans and not the organizers and sponsors of the event. We have to live with the fact that each year a new controversy will ensue at the event.

5. Is Stonebwoy the real ‘king of the dancehall’?

No matter what your feeling is towards the BET Award winning star, you cannot take away the fact that the awards prove so. The BHIM boss was awarded the fourth consecutive award for the Reggae/ Dancehall Artiste of the Year. Yes! I didn’t stutter for the fourth time in a row.

The year has seen beef boiling up involving him and fellow counterparts in the same genre. Some had even toned down to think that the absence of Shatta Wale at the VGMAs was why he thrived. This was an illusion that was however short-lived as the ‘Bawasaba’ hit maker took the lead with ease.

The debate for who is real ‘king?’ will go on for quite some time but from where we stand the star has the bragging rights. The star didn’t stop there from soaring as he had earlier took home also the same award for the same category at the 3Music Awards.