Aspiring to Pursue B Pharma? Here are Things You Don’t Know About a Career in Pharmacy

The healthcare industry is ever growing and advancing with high demands of health care services. This makes the field of pharmacy an evergreen one and also immune to recession. The area of pharmacy has an excellent long-term scope in terms of a career path to walk upon.

Pharmacists play a substantial role in contributing to the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry in India itself is a massive one. There are new developments in terms of technology and medicine that happens every day in this sector. This means that the need for healthcare professionals is always growing, making it a viable career choice to pursue.

If you are someone who is graduating out of school and at the crossroads of deciding a course, then taking B pharma admission in a good university will be beneficial for you. This field will open a path for various opportunities career-wise that you can explore. However, there are various misconceptions and unawareness in society about the B pharmacy career. Here are a few of them cleared out for you to make your choice!

Important Things you should Know About B Pharma

Many Opportunities Other Than Sitting in a Shop

A lot of students are weary from getting B pharma admission. There is a common notion in the Indian society that once you graduate with a B Pharmacy degree, the only viable career field to pursue is to work in a local pharmacy and sitting in a shop. This sure is one of the options but not the only one. There are plenty of other fruitful career fields you can explore after the completion of your B Pharmacy course.

Plenty of Job opportunities as a B Pharma Graduate

As a pharmacist, you can work in a vast number of industries that revolve around prescription, research, manufacturing, development, and more. These jobs contribute to the development and the advancement of medicine in the country, and even worldwide.

High Paying Jobs Available in the Field

There is a myth around pharmacy that it is a field that doesn’t provide financial security to the graduates that pursue it. However, contrary to the myth, it is a highly successful and well-paying field. Since there is no one career you can opt for, the pay scale remains different.

Contributing to the Society with B Pharma

Pharmacists work very closely with researching and developing medicines that are not only affordable but also effective. They work extensively in providing better healthcare services in society. Not a lot of people realize this, but these healthcare professionals contribute significantly to the wellbeing of society.

After all the apprehensions and myths busted about this field, you can efficiently seek B Pharma admission. It is a fruitful and promising career field with plenty of scope for growth. However, with the ever-changing health care industry, it is essential that you pursue your graduation from a university that stays up to date. One such university that has an industry-aligned curriculum that is taught by the best faculty is UPES. It is the first and the only university in the nation that has been awarded QS 5 stars for employability. You can check their website for all the details required to get B Pharma admission. It is a university that ensures that its students graduate as the best professionals in their respective field.