Combine Your PDF Documents Online With the Help Of Docs.Zone In Just Few Steps

Combine Your PDF Documents Online With the Help Of Docs.Zone In Just Few Steps :- Today, PDF has become convenient and largely used application extension to share documents, catalogues, training modules etc. However there are times when you need to use images and files that are not a part of PDF and sharing all those files with different extensions becomes inconvenient. Even having links to those documents becomes headache as it won’t have chronology.

There are many instances when you want to present a single file that has all the relevant details including images, texts etc. For this and many more reasons alike, you need software that combines all the files and makes a single file that is easily readable and at the same time non-editable.

Docs.Zone allows merging PDF to Word document online without having to install the software in your system. Let us see brief about it and have you can finish the job easily and quickly.

Features of Docs.Zone:

  • The important feature of the Docs.Zone is that combining different files are done online and there is no additional software installation required. Since this is web-based tool, it is platform independent and can be accessed via any standard web-browser.
  • There are many extension file coming up and most of them requires their own application to access, but once they are converted with PDF it becomes easy to share. Docs.Zone can convert any file extension to PDF format.
  • Let’s say you have few scanned documents in separate files that you want to include in the existing PDF files.
  • The interface is very simple and intuitive and can be used by a person who is not so tech-savvy and novice in such process.

Steps Required:

  • Just open your favorite web-browser and login with your user-id and password. If you don’t have user-id, you can easily sign-in with few steps to keep going.
  • From different tabs available choose the tab “Combine Files to PDF”.
  • Click on “Select Files” button.
  • A dialog box shall appear to select the files.
  • Follow the procedure till you have selected all the files required. However pay attention to your selection order. Maintain the right chronology as required to merge in the PDF file as the first file selected shall appear first in your PDF file.
  • You can also drag-drop the files instead of selecting files to shorten the procedure.
  • Click on “Start” button and process will start. You will see the completion of each file with the help of progress bar.
  • Once all files are completed, the file will display in the Inbox.
  • Download the file and here you go. All your files are combined in a single file and ready to share.
  • It is important that you download the file within six hours of its completion or else it will get deleted.

Benefits of using Docs.Zone:

  • The important benefit is merging files of different extensions namely excel, word, images etc. in a single file.
  • Though it takes lesser time to convert the files, it will depend on the size of the file. But you won’t have to wait more as compared to other online software.
  • It has intuitive graphics and online help to guide whenever you are stuck up at any stage.
  • Simple steps enables to finish the task


Thus, the search the software for combining the files ends here with Docs.Zone, which is quite flexible, intuitive, and easy steps.