Deepika Padukone Meeting Ranveer Singh at Paris on her way to Home

Deepika Padukone Meeting Ranveer Singh at Paris on her way to Home : well, now days everybody knows that both of this Couples are from long distance since more than two months because Deepika is in Toronto for the shooting of XXX and on the other hand Ranbeer Singh is busy with Befikre shoot in Paris and they both are miles away from each other and that could be a problem for this couple but sources saying that they planning to meet up!


And if this news is confirmed than I am sure that both of this actors going to be together for couple of days like the way they both meet up In Toronto in the valentine week and if the sources is correct than this time Deepika is going to be with Ranbeer in Paris before coming home.

Well, few Media channels is saying that both of this couple going to be together before Deepika came back to India because her shoot for XXX is now in the end and sources saying that before she came back India she will surely going to stop in Paris to meet up with her Boyfriend Ranbeer Singh.

Also they both going to enjoy a lot their because after the valentine week they both didn’t meet with each other and now that is going to be exciting when both of this couple going to be with together also I think this could be a break of work to.

In few days Ranbeer also going to came back in India but Deepika didn’t wanted to wait for him and sources saying that’s why she packed her bag get ready and going to meet her Boyfriend well that news is confirmed now because everybody is talking about it even they both didn’t said a word about it.

Or maybe this going to be a surprise for the Ranbeer Singh because exactly like that he surprised Deepika once when he popped up to Toronto without giving her acknowledge also I think this time Deepika is in “Mast Mood”