Dhruv Cries! Today Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Dhruv Cries! Today Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th July 2016 Episode Written Updates : The TV series Thapki Pyaar Ki is all set to showcase that Dhruv will be decided to make Thapki as his bride and for that he can do anything and everything.


Thapki Pyar Ki Episode Written updates

In the Pandey family currently in the TV series, Thapki Pyaar Ki everyone was playing the game. The groom’s side won the game. Suman was sad and Vasundhra asked don’t get sad, the groom will wear Sehra and he will be coming from the bride’s side only. Suman moved to get Sehra and that is beautiful, we should go for that.

In order to avoid the family, Dhruv pretends to be on call and moved from there. Dhruv lights up the fire near Diya and Poonam’s hand got burned with that and the fire reached to Sehra too. Poonam screamed and everyone rushed to her to see that the Sehra is burning and the family is shocked to see so.

Doctor arrived and apply for medicine on the wound of Poonam and the doctor asked her to take rest and denied her from using her hands more and Dhruv pretends to be sad and he seeks apology from her but Poonam says it is okay, it is not your mistake.

On seeing this Thapki says that she wishes to postpone the wedding for someday as after Poonam will be getting fine she will be thinks of the wedding.

Poonam also said that you can continue your marriage and please don’t delay it for me. Dhruv said that all the invitations have been sent and marriage cannot be postponed.

Thapki and Bau Ji decide to postpone the marriage until Poonam will get fine. Dhruv smiled and Shraddha thought that Dhruv is a type of person who is ahead even of me.

Bau Ji declared that we will do Bihaan and Thapki’s marriage after 10 days when Poonam will get fine completely.
Precap: Dhruv will make Thapki to get ready as the bride and will comment her as you are looking beautiful aa always. Dhruv also asked to Thapki that her all Shringhaar is dedicated to him and Thapki is shocked now.