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Anupama 16th February 2024 Full Episode Written Update: Babu ji introduces Mahi

Vanraj asks Adhik to sign and says everyone should sleep. Adhik burns those papers. Vanraj gets angry at him for doing this. Adhik says that his mind has not been stable for 4 years. Adhik says that meeting once a month is not enough. He says that no restriction should be imposed on him to meet his daughter. He says that they have humiliated him too much and he says that but he will not tolerate the ringing anymore. He demands custody of Ishaani. He asks Shama to do so from Ba Babu Ji. He says that he will meet his daughter now and asks Dimpy to come along if it doesn’t happen, he won’t keep quiet. Baa tells Pakhi and Vanraj that she told them not to trouble her so much.


Adhya questions Shruti and catches her in a lie. Shruti tells Adhya that she cannot tell her everything. Adhya hugs Shruti and says she loves her very much. Shruti asks him to promise that she will never hide anything from him. But Adhya tells Shruti that first, she has to promise that she will never leave her. Shruti says that she is feeling very headache and she needs coffee. Adhik places his hand on Ishani’s head and gives chocolate to Dimpy for her. He tells Vanraj that the court will decide with whom Ishaani will live. Adhik warns Pakhi that if she does any trick, he will take Ishani away from this house forever.

Anupama 16th February 2024 Written Update

When Kinjal asks Anupama about her condition, Anupama says that she is fine. Kinjal praises Yashdeep. Hearing this, Anupma says that she is going to sleep. Anuj takes care of Shruti. Vanraj tells Baa that his boss is coming home for lunch. Baa says that Kavya and Mahi have gone for a walk otherwise some help would have been available. Vanraj says that when his boss asked him to come to his house, he could not refuse him. While talking, Baa mentions Anupama and says that if she was here then nothing would have to be done. Vanraj gets angry after hearing this and says that she used to make things worse.

Anupama has a nightmare and wakes up scared. Kavya and Mahi come home. Kavya says that Mahi told her that Vanraj’s boss was coming home, so both of them came home instead of going for a picnic. Mahi asks Baa to tell her what work she has to do, then Baa tells her to grow up first. When Mahi asks about the boss, Babu ji tells her that the one who orders us to work is our boss. Pakhi comes there and asks Vanraj about Adhik. Vanraj says that Adhik refused his offer and this bothers Vanraj. Vanraj sees that Dimpy is smiling so he goes to her and asks her for her phone. But Dimpy makes an excuse and leaves from there. Meanwhile, Vanraj’s boss comes home and Vanraj welcomes him and then introduces him to everyone. After some time Vanraj asks Kavya to keep her daughter in the room. Shruti calls Anupama and invites her to the restaurant to meet her.

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