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Imlie Full Episode 16th February 2024 Written Update: Imlie Promises Agastya’s photo

Imlie gets stuck in the balloon. Arthav comes to help her. The rope of the balloon breaks and it flies away. Arthav jumps and catches the balloon room. Imlie tells him to go back but he doesn’t do the same. Keya shouts that she has ruined the whole mood. Arthav also disappears and Rudra scolds him and Akash. Although they are a couple, Imlie and Arthav are friends of each other. Divya asks him not to spoil their mood. Ripu brings juice for all of them. Arthav tells Imlie to concentrate on getting down instead of arguing. She feels nervous but the family sees them enjoying the balloon ride and praises them. They both panic when they discover the leak. Imlie ties her watch to it to stop the leakage. Imlie says today is a romantic day because it is Valentine’s Day. When she listens to a poem, Arthav replies to her in a poetic style. He questions her about how she makes her Valentine’s Day. She tells him that she did not make this day with anyone. Arthav feels strange seeing Imlie. She tells him that it suits them to celebrate Janmashtami and not Valentine’s Day. Arthav says she looks good in everything.


When Arthav gives her a rose, she asks him what he is doing. He says that by doing this he is expressing his love. Imlie starts thinking that she has a lot of hope that he will give her some good purpose. Arthav also starts thinking that if their friendship deepens, he will protect Imlie with his own life. Devika sees them both together through binoculars and spreads the word in the family that Arthav has proposed to Imlie.

Imlie 16th February 2024 Written Update

The family becomes happy hearing this but Cheeni gets angry thinking that she wants to send Imlie away. On the other hand, Atharva is encouraging her. Arthav tells Imlie that instead of saying that he loves her very much, he tells her that he wants to be friends with her. Imlie gets emotional at his words and says that her balloon is leaking because it is stuck in the air. Arthav says that she is Imlie’s daughter and he is very close to her.

He asks her if he can look around but she is enjoying swimming in the clouds. Seeing this, Arthav again proposes friendship and Imlie is unable to refuse his proposal. He takes a selfie of her and he tells her that they will continue their relationship for 700 births. Imlie says that friendship is enough for her. Arthav tells her that he will always obey whatever she tells him. They both dance and their families think they are romancing while Kea and Chini are jealous. Imlie loosens the watch due to which gas starts leaking and Arthav gets scared seeing this.

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