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Anupama Today’s 1st December 2023 Written Update: Anuj and Anupama Get Angry

Here we are coming back with a new episode of Anupama. Today’s article is about Anupama’s 1st December 2023 written update. Currently, the television show Anupama is running with a great TRP. Today’s topic is “Anuj and Anupama go on a date”. The episode starts with Tapish. He is dancing to the song Muskhil Karde Jeena Mera. He recalls Dimpy and thinks that she didn’t come till now. He again dances in anger. He recalls Vanraj’s words. He sees Anupama. He gives water to Tapish. She says let’s sit and talk. Dimpy recalls Baa’s words and says the same thing will happen if she goes.


She threw her purse and said people can’t bear my happiness, with difficulty I started laughing a little. She apologized to his unborn baby and says I tried a lot to stay away from my stress. She says I know you love dancing and singing. Anupama asks Tapish if he is fine. He waves his head. He says that Vanraj is a misunderstanding, we have not done anything like this, Dimpy has not done anything like this, and there is nothing like this between Dimpy and me. He says earlier Baa misunderstood this, now Vanraj we are just good friends.

Anupama 1st December 2023 Written Update

Baa stops Dimpy and asks where are you going. She stops her from going anywhere. Dimpy says the courier has come and she is going to give OTP. While leaving she says that if she comes to go then no one will be able to stop her. Anupama says to Tapish now understand Dimpy’s situation, people will not say anything to you but will make Dimpy’s life difficult. She says that she never wants her to remain confined within four walls. Tapish says promise mam, now Dimpy will not face any problem because of me. Anupama and Anuj comes in a restaurant.

Anuj says to Anupama that I will keep talking like this and he asks her to order something. She says you do it. She asks her to order, I will eat as per your choice. He asks if she talked with Dimpy. She says no but I talked with Tapish. he holds her hand. The song Mera Haath Main Tere Haath Ho…plays in the background. A girl shouts at a old waiter. The girl throw water on the ole waiter. She going to slap the old waiter suddenly Anupama stops her. Anupama says to the girl to apologize to the old waiter. The girl apologizes by foldes her hand.

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