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Pandya Store Today’s 12th December 2023 Written Update: Natasha Packs Her Bags

Hello, friends we are coming back with a new episode of Pandya Store. The viewers are very curious about today’s fresh episode. Today’s article is about the Pandya Store 1st December  2023 written update. Today’s topic is “Natasha gets accused by family”. The episode starts with Dhawal. He is caught by the kidnappers. Natasha asks for help from a man. The man says he can’t fight but he can give his phone. The bulldozer demolished the Pandya Store. Suman cries and remembers Gautam. Natasha calls Chiku. Chiku picks up the call and says who is speaking. She says I’m Chutaki. He says that after disappearing all night, Makhwana’s younger daughter-in-law got free time.

Pandya Store

Chiku says congratulations, Pandya Store is going to sink under the ground in some time. Natasha shocked. She says to Chiku have you gone mad, what are you saying. He says to stop acting innocent. She says I don’t know what’s going on. He says to tell Amrish that he did not win any battle by talking to my family on the road. He says he will answer soon. He cuts the call. Natasha recalls Dhawal’s words and how he took her sign on the papers. She cries and runs from there. Chiku hugs Sheh and Mittu.

Pandya Store 12th December 2023 Written Update

Shesh cries. Natasha comes to Pandya House and is shocked to see the breaking Pandya Store. Chiku sees Natasha. Natasha goes inside the Pandya Store and takes Dhara and Gautam’s frame. Chiku comes and snatches from her hand. He stops her hand to take others’ frames and warns her by saying that she has lost this right. He shouts at Natasha and says he understands everything. Shesh also shouts at Natasha. Chiku shows her papers and asks why is her sign on this death paper. Natasha says that I had definitely signed but not for Pandya Store.

She says that she was getting a 50% share in the paper on which she was signed. Shesh claps and says well done Natasha. He says to Suman have you seen this price that your loving granddaughter has set for our ancestral shop. He shouts and asks his greedy you are. Chiku says everything is clearly visible to me and he asks her to go away from there. Natasha hugs Suman. Suman says I know that your In-laws want to build a mall by demolishing the Pandya Store. Dhawal worried for Natasha. He hears the men are talking about the Pandya Store demolition.

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