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Anupama Today’s 21st February 2024 Full Written Update: Aadhya hugs her crying

Here we are coming to give you the information regarding the television show Anupama. This report will help you to learn about Anupama’s 21st February 2024 written update. Today’s topic is “Aadhya gets shattered as Shruti leaves”. The episode starts with Anuj. He tries to stop Shruti. He says that earlier also you used to live with your friends, so now we can also live like that. Shruti says I can live if we are only friends but what about my feelings and self-respect. Aadhya comes there and is shocked to see that Shruti is leaving the house. She notices Shruti’s luggage and asks where she is going.


Aadhya says this is also happening because of Anupama suddenly Shruti replies she is leaving the house. Shruti says this is my decision to leave the house. Aadhya tries to stop Shruti. She gets emotional and worried for her. Anuj says Aadhya is true, you have been an important member of our lives for the past four years, you made a family, please don’t go. Shruti says you have promised me that you will never leave us alone. Aadhya cries and hugs Shruti. Shruti, I am always with you whenever you need but we can’t stay in the same house.

Anupama 21st February 2024 Written Update

The song Tu Jo Gaayi…plays in the background. Shruti leaves from there. She recalls Anupama’s words. Anupama packs her bag and thinks about why she is feeling uneasy if everything is fine there. Aadhya asks Anuj to try to stop Shruti. Shruti sees Anupama’s and Aadhya’s photo frame and says Anupama was always there, she had not come between us. She says bye to Aadhya and Anuj. Aadhya cries when Shruti leaves the house. Shruti comes outside and cries. The song Mat Jaa Ree… plays in the background. Anuj says to Aadhya that everyone has their place and there is no one between them.

He says Shruti knows my past and I just only tell her what I feel for Anupama. Aadhya says how could you do this you have promised me that you will never tell her. He says I never want to hide my past from Shruti, the truth never hides. Aadhya says fine but we are better at one thing than you that is stubbornness, and now I want my family complete, if anyone will come back into our lives then it will be Shruti and not Anupama. Vanraj sees that Dimpy looks upset. The next morning, Baa and Babu ji come to Vanraj. Anupama comes to Kinjal and asks why she had called suddenly.

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