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Pandya Store Today’s 23rd February 2024 Written Update: Suman Hugs Her and Smiles

Here we are returning to give you the details regarding the television show Pandya Store. Currenlty, this television show is running with a great TRP. This report will help you learn about the Pandya Store’s February 21, 2024 written update. Today’s topic is “Natasha supports Isha”. The episode starts with Dolly. She asks a lady if it is fine if she does not wear the swimming costume. The lady says then you will be eliminated from this round. Natasha says to Hetal why are you taking so much tension, it is just a matter of one round, we will manage, Amrish’s respect matters for us.

Pandya Store

Chirag stops Bhaven. Bhaven asks Chirag to pick up Golu from the school as he is going for urgent work. Someone calls Chirag and tells him the media has come to the construction site. Chirag rushes there. The lady asks the participant to go measurement room. Makhwana bahus also goes there. Isha notices Natasha and hides behind the wall. She says that if Amrish comes to know about this then my dream will remain a dream. Natasha also notices Isha and walks towards her. She asks Isha why you are hiding from me. Dolly, Hetal, and Pranali also came there.

Pandya Store 23rd February 2024 Written Update

Isha tells Natasha that I am also participating in this beauty pageant. Natasha gets happy to hear that and hugs her. Isha comes to know that they are also participating in this competition and says who could this possible, Amrish had thrown me out of the house when I wanted to participate but he is different for his bahus. Natasha asks Isha to leave the past and now he must be changed, let’s cherish this moment, by the way, where is Dama? Isha says how strange is this, the rule is different for a bahu and a sister. Natasha comes to the Pandya Store with Isha. She notices Bhaven there and asks him what he is doing here.

Bhaven says he came here for the mall work. Natasha sees Bhaven gets panic. Bhaven says this is not like that I am fine and asks Nisha how she is. The lady tells Dhawal about the show’s organizer and Mumbai’s top designer. The girl comes and says this is too small a city. Dhawal plays the song and opens his shirt. He walks on the ramp. Shesh brings food and asks Mittu to give it to Dama as she has not eaten since the morning. Natasha goes to Suman and hugs her. Suman tells Natasha that Chiku had married to Isha take revenge.

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