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Imlie Today’s 25th February 2024 Written Update: Sonali Notices Alka Tensed

Here we are returning to give you the information regarding the television show Imlie. This page will help you to learn Imlie’s 25th February 2024 written update. Today’s topic is “Surya exposes Paro aka Imlie”. The episode starts with Surya who asks Imlie to help him to kill Chaudhrys. He shows her different ways to kill Chaudhrys. Imlie gets angry and takes the knife. She takes the knife near his neck and says now I am giving you a choice, stop doing these useless dramas otherwise I will slit your throat. He says you can’t save Chaudhrys because I have poisoned everyone. Imlie gets shocked and recalls that Surya served the juice.


She panics and runs. Jugnu serves juice to Daadi. Imlie comes and stops everyone to drink juice. Daadi gets angry and asks what she is doing here. Surya comes and acts like he nothing knows about Imlie. Imlie asks everyone to not drink this juice because it is prepared by Surya who wants to kill Chaudhrys. Surya says I am a police officer then how can kill you. He takes juice from Imlie and drinks it to show that he has not mixed anything in it. Imlie says you want to prove me a liar in front of everyone.

Imlie 25th February 2024 Written Update

Surya brings the property paper and asks Sonali to read it. Sonali reads the paper and says it is written in it that Surya has taken only the first floor while half of the house has been returned to us. Daadi says to Surya that you have bought this house in auction so how can we live in this house? Imlie says that even if an enemy does not do this, just think about it, there is some purpose behind it. Rajini yells at Imlie for doubting Surya.

Daadi says to Imlie you have snatched Agastya from us, now will you kill all of us also and asks her to leave the house. Imlie gets emotional. Daadi cries. Malti notices Imlie. Surya introduces Malti to Chaudhrys. Malti greets everyone. Imlie comes back to her house. Bulbul asks Imlie where she is going. Imlie says that she is leaving Purvaiya on tonight’s train. Pallo taunts Imlie and asks her to don’t come. Surya comes to Imlie’s house, binds her bed with a rope, and drags it with his jeep. Imlie wakes up and notices Surya. She asks him to stop Jeep. Sonali comes to the hospital with Amar to find the truth about Agastya.

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