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Anupama Today’s Full Episode 24th November 2023 Written Update: Malti Devi Gets Tensed

Here we are coming back with a new episode of Anupama. The viewers are eagerly waiting for today’s fresh episode. Currently, the television show Anupama is running with a great TRP. In this report, we will give you the details of Anupama’s 24th November 2023 written update. Today’s topic is “Anupama asks Dimpy to fight back”. The episode starts with Baa. She says to Babu ji that I have put the spray on his feet, and sit here for a while. She asks him to give her the phone. The message and video were deleted from her phone. She receives a call from Jamnagar.


Pakhi sees the viral video of Dimpy and says I knew it. Dimpy cries. She says that life was so difficult without Samar and now people will kill her with their taunts. Tapish worries about Dimpy. Dimpy recalls Baa’s words. The student comes to support Dimpy and says they will share about this on their social media. Dimpy says no will understand. Tapish runs to Dimpy and she pushes him. She says to stay away from her. Anupama comes to the dance academy and sees Dimpy cry. Tapish leaves. Pakhi calls Baa. Romil stops Pakhi.

Anupama 24th November 2023 Written Update

Romil says to Pakhi that Baa is not well. Baa comes and says why are you shouting. Pakhi show’s Dimpy viral video to Baa. Baa shocked. She says that I told you that if you give too much permission to Dimpy, she will definitely do some scandal. She says Dimpy’s MMS video has gone viral. Romil says the video is fake. Babu Ji says to Pakhi why are you provoking everyone. Anupama says to Dimpuy that she is not wrong. Dimpy says Baa will not understand. Anupama says you have to fight with this society, if you are not wrong you should fight for yourself.

Anupama wipes Dimpy’s tears. Babu Ji brings water and medicine for Baa. Babu Ji says our Dimpy is not wrong. Anupama says to Dimpy that people are doing wrong to you, so you also did not do right to Tapish. Dimpy says this all happened because of Tapish. Anupama says no, this is also happened to him. Baa performs Aarti. Malti Devi asks Baa to leave Kapadia’s house without informing Anuj. Anuj comes and hears everything. Dimpy tells Anupama what happened to her. Anupama beats the goons to harass Dimpy. Dimpy also beats the goons. Anupama smiles.

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