Imlie Today’s 24th November 2023 Written Update: Mysterious Man Drags Chandu

Here we are coming back with a new fresh episode of Imlie. The fans of Imlie are eagerly waiting for today’s episode. In this report, we will give you the details of the 24th November 2023 written update. Today’s topic is “Navya Breaks Shivani and Avinash’s Alliance”? The episode starts with Navya. She shows Shivani’s intimate photo to Annapurna. Shivani is dizzy. Navya stops Shivani and Avinash’s engagement. She asks Vishwa and Avinash to leave from there. Annapurna stops Navya and says she has scolded Shivani already. Navya says how can you even think that after seeing all this, she will get Avinash married to Shivani.


Annapurna apologizes to Navya so that she doesn’t break the relationship. Imlie comes and refuses to apologize. She gives a long speech on how Shivani has got good rites and will keep her family happy. She says that it is wrong that she talks among adults but if she did not say anything then it would be even more wrong. She says Sivani told her that Avinash was having 4 girlfriends during his college days. She says it means there is chaos in your upbringing. Navya going to slap Imlie suddenly Agastya and Vishwa hold Navya’s hand.

Imlie 24th November 2023 Written Update

Navya says angrily that only time will tell house parenting is wrong and leaves from there. Vishwa says to Annapurna don’t worry just give me 5 minutes. Avinash says to Shivani don’t cry Vishwa will handle Navya. Vishwa stops Navya and says she is forgetting our mission. Navya says they are not good people. She says you saw how she talked to me. Vishwa says she was saying right. He says that at this time we have to focus on our mission. Annapurna yells at Imlie for interfering in Navya and her conversation. Navya comes back and apologizes.

Navya says let’s start the engagement ritual. Shivani says sorry to Navya and hugs her. She says Vishwa and Avinash tell her everything, there is no mistake of her. Navya wears bangles to Shivani. The engagement ritual is completed. Shivani hugs Imlie and thanks her for her support. Sonali sends a voice message to Amrit again and asks him to come home fast. Vishwa sees Imlie. Jugnu calls Chandu but he not receiving his call. Chandu recalls that a mysterious man trying to kill him. Chandu knocks on the gate. Jugnu opens the door. Agastya yells at Imlie. Annapurna hears their conversation.

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