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Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Latest Updates 6th March 2021, Captaincy Task Winner Today Vote Results

It’s been almost three weeks since Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 has started and with each passing week, the BB house is getting more and more fierce and exciting. This week is coming to an end and soon, there will be another elimination of the contestants. The ghastly fight between the contestants is making the audience go frenzy. This weeks eviction will be really interesting because one contestant will leave the BB house forever. Three contestants were sent to direct nomination. In the episode that aired on 5th March, we saw how Surya gets emotional and burst into tears in the Bb house during the Jail Selection task. Let us see what happened inside the BB house in the recent episode and what you will witness in the coming episode.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 6th March 2021

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 6th March 2021 Written Updates

We also saw in the morning task, Anoop teaching some of his Kung-Fu techniques to the housemates and how Dimple tried to imitate his techniques but failed miserably and we also saw a happy and funny moment between Bhagyalaskhmi and Anoop. In the same task, Sai Vishu also asked the contestants of the BB house, whether he have attacked anyone in the house and the audiences again witnessed his aggressive side. We also witnessed how Manikuttan turned the lyrics of Michael Jackson’s smooth criminal song into his own version and also the bond between Majiziya and Dimple was also shown in the Bb house and the blooming love between wild card entry Angela and Adoney.

But, happy moments don’t last forever especially for husband-wife duo Sajna and Feroz, Surya J Menon and Dimple. We also saw, Adoney plotting against Michelle and Surya in the Jail Task. We saw Surya and Michelle’s saw reporting the news to their family from inside the Jail. We will also see host Mohanlal reprimanding Sai and punishing him for lying and breaking rules inside the show. We will also witness catfights among the ladies inside the BB house, regarding the kitchen issue. In the upcoming week apart from eviction, the audience is also going to witness, fights between various contestant regarding the duty assignment.

Everyone is waiting for the audience’s verdict for this week. As per the reports, it is presumed that Sai Vishu will be safe from this weeks eliminating and there are high chances that Michelle Ann will be eliminated in this weeks nomination. The contestants who were nominated for this third week’s nomination are:

  • Michelle Ana
  • Sajna
  • Firoz

All the three contestants that are nominated in this weeks eviction are wildcard entrants. So far, a lot of events are taking place inside the BB house. The Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 aired on Asianet on 14th Feb 2021. Viewers can watch the reality show from Monday to Friday at 9:30 PM and Saturday and Sunday at 9 PM only on Asianet. For the latest update, follow our page.

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