Gandii Baat Fame Gehana Vasisth Health Gets Better; Stable Now

Gandii Baat Fame Gehana Vasisth Suffers From The Cardiac Arrest, Hospitalized: The TV star Gehana Vasisth who is known for her erotic TV series Gandii Baat has been Suffers from the cardiac Arrest; as of now, she is in the Extremely Critical stage. The news is making us shocked as it is the TV star Gehana Vasisth is as of now a very young actress and her fans are sad to know so. Born as Vandana Tiwari In the year of the 16 June 1988, Chirmiri, Chhattisgarh, India, Gehana Vasisth is a model, TV star and presenter is blessed with such meaty fan base and she has been also doing quite well here at the T-Town. “Due to various complications in her vitals and body, the differential diagnosis was concluded as diabetic ketoacidosis (DK), which had reached a very advanced stage in Gehana’s system. Diabetic ketoacidosis is a serious complication of diabetes that occurs when your body produces high levels of blood acids called ketones,” said Dr Pranav Kabra, MD, Raksha Multispeciality Hospital in Mumbai’s Malad West area, where Gehana was rushed to. Gandii Baat 4 Watch Online


  1. Gehana Vasisth was reportedly shooting for 48 hours straight
  2. As per hospital sources, she has been put on the ventilator
  3. “She is not responding to treatment,” said a doctor

The actress Gehana Vasisth showcased her acting skills and talent and ever-growing and everlasting persona in the silver screen which is also regarded as the show-stealing.

It is really sad to see such a young actress Gehana Vasisth is suffering from the cardiac arrest reportedly and she is in the critical stage, we are here wishing speedy recovery of her which is also very important for her anyway and her fans too.

She has been worked for several brands as a model, and she has been also won the Miss Asia Bikini via an online contest.

The TV actress Gehana Vasisth has been also doing more than 70 advertisements then she started her acting career with the movie called Filmi Duniya and did minor roles in Telugu cinema and roused to the limelight with the altbalaji erotic TV and web series called Gandii Baat.

As per the hospital source it is Gehana, has been admitted to hospital on Thursday, and now she is reported “extremely critical” and she has been put on the ventilator and other life-saving equipment.

The actress was a few minutes away from slipping into a medical condition called cerebral oedema and coma, which can be fatal, the doctor told media persons on Sunday evening, adding that the condition posed the threat of cardiac arrest.

She needs three to four days to recover, and it may be possible to discharge her after proper monitoring of glucose levels, heart rate and other vital parameters, and depending on her clinical condition and outcomes, according to a statement released by the hospital.

She was introduced as an anchor in Sahara One Television Channel and she has been also worked and appeared in the TV serial Behenein on Star Plus and she has been also seen as VJ on True Life show on MTV India.