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Imlie 9th December 2023 Full Episode Written Update: Agastya asks who it must be

Today’s Imlie serial starts with Bulbul when she gets scared and starts crying because she does not have a phone to call anyone. Imlie warns Bulbul that she will not go out now because the killers want her to die. On the other hand, Agastya questions Sonali that if there is a conflict between heart and mind, then whom should she listen to? But Sonali is shocked to hear him as to why he is asking for help from her and taunts him that there has been a change in him. Agastya says she is his elder sister and he always praises her. Sonali says that she does not need any kind of help from Agastya as she has Imlie to help her.


Imlie tries to distract the killer by asking him why he wants her dead. After Imlie asks such a question, the killer stares at her and she then asks him why he is following her. Imlie is shocked to see that she has Agastya’s mother’s photo in her hand. Then Bubul starts making noise that the chain of the bicycle has broken. Imlie comes out and tells the killer not to chase Bulbul. On the other hand, Navya comes home talking to Vishwa that Annapurna is doubting her. Imlie locks herself in the house while trying to fight the killer but this time the killer breaks the door.

Imlie 9th December 2023 Written Update

Bulbul Bhagti reaches Gastya’s house meets Agastya and tells him that Imlie is in danger. When Imlie is at home she sees the killer hiding under the bed. Imlie understands that this is the same man who had committed the murder earlier. Agastya reaches home by the time the killer tries to kill Imlie. Imlie faints out of fear after seeing the killer coming towards her. When the house catches fire, the killer escapes and Agastya takes Imlie out of the house. Vishwa reaches Agastya after which both of them go home.

When Imlie regains consciousness she asks about Bulbul. Sonali sadly tells Imlie that Bulbul has lost the child. Imlie becomes very sad to hear this and goes to console Bulbul. After some time, Agastya also comes to Bulbul’s room. Agastya says that in this situation her lover should have been present here to console her. Imlie sees Karan standing near the door and then tells Bulbul that she is a brave girl. Agastya also tells Bulbul not to take the man back.

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