Pandya Store 9th December 2023 Full Episode Written Update: Natasha comes downstairs

Today’s Pandya Store serial starts with Amba asking Hetal to see Natasha’s real face as she is too selfish. While signing, Natasha taunts him for cheating. When she thinks about Pandya Store, Amba scolds her. Meanwhile, Amresh tells Dhaval that he will not come between him and Natasha anymore. Amresh does not agree to live under the same roof as Natasha. Dhaval says he will care for Hetal and Golu for a few days. Dhaval asks them to behave like children and Amresh argues that they should follow the rules and regulations made by a person and not by everyone’s interference like Natasha.

Pandya Store

Amresh says that ever since Natasha came into Dhawal’s life, he has been separated from her and Dhawal loves Natasha very much so he cannot separate them from each other. Amresh questions whether he can divorce her and Dhaval says that he can do anything for her, to which Dhaval agrees. On the other hand, Amba curses Natasha for the separation of the family. She congratulates Amresh and says that he has separated her from her family. Meanwhile, Chiku shouts at Suman and says that she should stop criticizing Chiku on everything because today she has changed.

Pandya Store 9th December 2023 Written Update

Dhaval pleads with Amresh to return Natasha to the Pandya Store. Amresh hugs Dhaval and says that he will do the same. Just then Bhavin and Chirag return home and say that Dhawal knows about the address he found in Amresh’s car. When Amresh brings the papers from the shop, Dhaval becomes happy to see him coming. Dhaval leaves with Amresh while Natasha starts crying. Natasha becomes even more sad remembering what Amba had said to her. Natasha talks to herself and blames herself for everything. Amresh and Dhaval come back home and everyone is happy to see them and hug each other.

Amba thanks God as he goes back. Meanwhile, Natasha comes downstairs and sees Amresh at home. She is happy to see him and murmurs that Dhaval might have talked about Pandya’s store. But Dhaval says that he is going out. Amba says that if he has found Natasha then she is inside the house, which shocks him. Dhaval feels helpless for her and grumbles that now he has to keep his promise to Amresh and divorce Natasha. Here we have shared the complete information. So, don’t forget to follow us for more latest updates.

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