Imlie Today’s 1st December 2023 Written Update: Karan is Bulbul’s boyfriend

Here we are coming back with a new episode of Imlie.  Currently, the television show Imlie is at the top of the show’s rating list. Today’s article is about Imlie’s 1st December 2023 written Update. Today’s topic is “Annapurna Gets Haunted By the Past”. The episode starts with Imlie. She walks away from Agastya. Agasya holds her pallu. He turns his face. Bulbul and Pallo come and see them in this condition. Agastya and Imlie get nervous. Agastya nervously says to Pallo that it was Saree’s mistake. Imlie and Agastya walk away from there. Pallo opens Bulbul’s eyes. Come back to Chaudhry’s house, Amma Ji asks Pandit Ji about Kundali.


She asks Navya about Avinash’s Kundali. Navya says she forgot to bring Kundali. She says you all come together and fix the date, we have no problem. Avinash says that before coming Shivani had reminded me about this therefore I has brought the Kundali. He gives his kundali to Pandit Ji. Navya says to Vishwa that your name is mentioned in Kundali if Amma Ji comes to know about this. Pandit Ji reads Shivani’s Kundali and then Avinash’s Kundali. Pandit Ji says the father’s name Avinash is the late Tej Pratap Singh.

Imlie Today’s 1st December 2023 Written Update

Imlie and Agastya sit in the car. Bulbul comes and says thank you to Agastya. She says to Agastya that she is not Bulbul but she is a respected Bulbul. She says I also want a perfect relationship like Imlie. Navya says her husband’s name is mentioned as Tej Pratap Singh but he was called as Manoj. She asks Pandit Ji to write Avinash’s father’s name as Manoj. Vishwa gives signals to Avinash. Imlie and Agastya come back home. Shivani asks about Bulbul and asks if she is fine. Agastya says yes she is fine and asks about the occasion date.

Shivani says exactly one month from today. Karan gets someone’s call. He disconnects the call. Imlie asks about the call. Navya lies to Avinash about his father and says her husband is called Manoj. Amma Ji says to Agastya that our Shivani is going their home, we didn’t know about their background. Back in the room, Imlie feel scared remembering the mysterious killer. She wakes up and goes to near window. Agastya recalls Imlie’s words. Shivani comes to Imlie’s room scared and says come with me. She takes Imlie in a party. She sees Bulbul and Karan together. Imlie comes to know Karan is Bulbul’s boyfriend.

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