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Imlie Today’s 20th February 2024 Full Episode Written Update: Imlie gets Tensed

Here we are returning to give you the information regarding the television show Imlie. In this report, we will give you the details about Imlie 2oth February 2024 written update. Today’s topic is “Imlie Returns To Chaudhry House in Disguise”. The episode starts with Imlie. She loudly calls Pallo. Pallo comes and asks why she is shouting. Imlie says her stuff is missing. She later calls Bulbul. She asks Bulbul there was anyone came here. She leaves from there. Pallo insults Imlie in front of Bulbul. Imlie arrives at the police station to write the missing case. She tells the inspector that there has been theft in my house and I came here to write a report for that.


The inspector says that you have come here for the first time for some good work and asks her to sit. Surya also comes in there. Imlie gets angry and asks if he is following her. Surya asks to lady constable who is she. The lady constable says she is coming here for a long time to write her missing husband’s report. Imlie comes to know that Surya is a bigger officer in this police station. She shows Agastya’s photo.

Imlie 20th February 2024 Written Update

Surya says now I understand that we both are looking the same but we are different. She comes outside the police station and feels guilty for breaking Surya’s jeep’s window. Imlie sees that her stuff is inside the Surya’s jeep. She asks about the photo which was with the stuff. Surya takes out the photo from his pocket and gives it to Imlie. He says I know your story and also the upcoming chapter. He says that now he will take Agastya’s place. Imlie slaps Surya. She says she will destroy him. She warns him and says she can change her time for her family.

Surya holds Imlie’s hand and says I am going to start everything onwards today. She takes a poster from the wall and calls Sonali. She asks Sonali if the house is going to be auctioned, and why you haven’t told me about this earlier. Sonalo says that they have suffered huge losses in their business and hence will have to sell the house to get the money. Imlie gets emotional and talks about Daadi. Imlie changes her look and starts cleaning outside the Chaudhry house. Daadi asks who she is. Imlie enters the Chaudhry house after making her look like a housemaid.

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