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Pandya Store Today’s 20th February 2024 Written Update: Hetal Recalls Shalini’s Words

Here we are returning to give you the information regarding the television show Pandya Store. Today’s article is about Pandya Store’s 20th February 2024 written update. Today’s topic is “Shesh and Mittu fool Suman”. The episode starts with Amrish as he gets angry at Bhavin and leaves from there. Chabeli comes there and asks Amba what to have for dinner in the evening. Amba tells Chabali to ask Babus. Amba comes to know that they are not home. Chirag tries to stop Chabli. Makhwana Bahus comes to the show. They all fill out the form. Prnali asks Natasha for her form.

Pandya Store

Natasha says this form is not for Pandya’s. Hetal understands Natasha and asks her again to fill out the form. Natasha again refuses to fill out the form. Dolly fills Natasha’s form. A lady comes and asks if they filled out the form. Shesh is in the kitchen disguised as Isha to fool Suman. Shesh gets nervous when Suman comes into the kitchen. Suman searches for Mittu and Shesh. Shesh tries to hide his face from Suman. Isha comes outside and finds that the water bottle is not in his bag. Mittu comes there and notices that Shesh is in danger.

Pandya Store 20th February 2024 Written Update

He asks Suman what she is doing here and tries to change the topic. He says Bhabi cooks tasty food. Shesh moves his head. Suman asks Mittu why she is not responding. Mittu says she is on her fast and takes Suman away from the kitchen. Dhawal also comes into the same show and asks if they called him. Natasha is confused after seeing Dhawal. Dhawal asks if Amrish agrees to participate. Hetal says yes. Bahus hugs Dhawal. Amrish anger comes into his room and starts throwing things. Hetal says  I promise that we will bring you to Makhwana’s house very soon.

Dhawal says he has no trust in Amrish, you also know that he has nothing to do without any motive. Hetal recalls Amrish’s words. The fashion show starts. Hetal stars the girl’s short dress and high heels. The lady teaches Dolly how to walk on the ramp. Hetal says to Natasha that they are taking too much time. She stands up to go but the lady stops her and says she can’t go like this. Hetal says that I must go because I have to go to school to pick up Golu. She calls Amrish and asks him to come here as they are not allowed to go from there.

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