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Imlie Today’s 21st February 2024 Written Update: Surya Assures To Find Raghu Soon

Here we are returning to give the information regarding the television show Imlie. Recently, the television show Imlie has been running with a great TRP. This page will help you to learn about the television show Imlie 21st February 2024 written update. Today’s topic is “Surya Comes To Buy Chaudhry House”. The episode starts with Binni as she recognises the maid’s tattoo and says that it is the same tattoo have Imlie’s. She asks Imlie/ maid to show her face. Imlie going to show her face but Sonali stops her and asks Binni what is needed to uncover the veil.


Sonali says I know everything, she belongs to Imlie’s maholla, there is a tattoo artist, and most of the girls there make the same tattoo. Imlie moves her head. Sonali asks what is your name. Imlie says one in a million Paro and asks what dish shall I cook. Sonali tells Binni that Imlie can’t speak too much English like that. She tells everyone that Paro also worked at the Sharma’s house and they praised her work a lot, she is perfect in her work. Daadi agrees. Govind shows the house brochure to Daadi. Daadi asks Govind what is house brochure.

Imlie 21st February 2024 Written Update

Rajni tells Daadi that a few people also got hurt and they can’t construct the house. Daadi asks them what is the problem. Govind says to Daadi that due to the mounting debts and financial loss, our house is going to be sold tomorrow. Imlie remembers the past moment that she spent with Agastya in the house. Daadi gets emotional as she is missing Aagstya. Govind apologizes to Daadi and says he tried his best to save this house. Daadi says here every day Kunal used to read the newspaper, I am alive in this house only with his memories. She asks when is the house auction. Govind tells it is tomorrow.

Imie hears their conversation. Surys worried for Malti and asks what she is doing here. Malti says I have also waiting for the husband for the last 18 days. Surya promises her that he will find out what happened with Raghu. The buyers come to Chaudhry’s house. Imlie tells Sonali that she will handle all of them. She makes the fake stories in front of the buyers. The buyer leaves the house. Imlie offers the tea to the visitors. Malti comes outside the Chaudhry house. Imlie comes to Agastya and says I heard that you are buying this house. Suryua turns his face and Imlie is surprised to see that Surya is the buyer of this house.

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