Imlie Today’s 23rd November 2023 Full Episode Written Update: Navya Informs Avinash

Hello friends we are coming back with a new episode of Imlie. Imlie fans are very curious about today’s fresh episode. Currently, the television show Imlie is at the top of the show’s rating list. In this report, we will give you the details of Imlie 23rd November 2023 written update. Today’s topic is “Annapurna Turns Hostile On Imlie”. The episode starts with Imlie. She says to Annapurna that at least give Shivani a chance to speak, there must be some reason why she did not tell about that boy. She asks Annapurna why she sent Shivani to the city and if she could also gain knowledge in the village with the same book.


Imlie says that in today’s generation, all boys and girls study and work together, so a relationship is common. Agastya says he never supported Imlie, but this time she is saying right. He says there is no mistake of Shivani. Annapurna claps and says well done Imlie, this is the work to trap men every day, today she did it. She blames Govind for not giving the right direction to Shivani. She leaves from there. Sonali tries to call Amrit but he not responds. Amrit is in a drunk stand and lying on the car’s bonnet.

Imlie 23rd November 2023 Written Update

She sends a message to Amrit. Shivani apologizes to Rajini. Rajini turns her face. Imlie asks Rajini why she is still upset with Shivani. She tells Rajini to tell Shivani’s in-laws everything. Annapurna says she will kill herself if they reveal Sonali’s truth. Agastya recalls Imlie’s words. He asks Imlie why she is supporting Shivani because Annapurna has been yelling at her since morning. Govind brings water for Rajini. Rajini cries and asks what is missing in her love that Shivani did to them. Imlie says to Agastya that she feels that they should tell the truth to Imlie’s in-laws.

Agastya says they will never accept. Navya shows Shivani’s engagement dress to Avinash. She says this is her choice. She says that she did not order this dress, there are no sleeves in this dress. Avinash says he changed the dress style. She says to tell Shivani to wear traditional for tomorrow’s ceremony. Imlie, Agastya, Sonali, and Shivani in the night silently go to the kitchen and cook Maggie. Karan also comes and asks Shivani about Avinasg’s past. Agastya shouts when they eat Maggie. Annapurna comes. Everyone hides. Annapurna sees and blames Imlie. Navya and Vishwa get Shivani’s photo with her boyfriend.

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