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Imlie Today’s 27th February 2024 Written Update: Malti’s mother enters and is shocked

Here we are returning to give you the information regarding the television show Imlie. In this report, we will give you details about Imlie’s 27th February 2024 written update. Today’s topic is “A Shocker For Chaudhrys”. The episode starts with Surya. He takes Agastya’s photo and says I can see how much you love Agastya but do not need this photo because you fall in love with me. Imlie gets angry and takes Agastya’s photo from his hand. She says I am better to staying away from you, you are just talking nonsense, but you have talked about one thing today. She confuses him with her words and locks the door outside.


Surya shouts and asks Imlie to open the door. Sonali requests nurse Sarla reveal the truth, please help me, I will go later after this. The security guards broke the door and entered the room. Sarla asks the guards to leave them. She reveals that 27 years ago a woman came to this hospital for delivery, whose name was Meera. Imlie enters Surya’s room and opens his bag to find the truth. Surya tries to call Malti. Malti having food with Chaudhrys. Surya breaks the door and runs to Imlie.

Imlie 27th February 2024 Written Update

Surya shouts at Imlie for searching his room without his permission. Chaudhrys with Malti also comes there. Imlie shows the Chaudhry photos and questions to Surya. Chaudhry sees the photos. Imlie says that in your bag there are Chaudhry’s photo, their band account details, and business account, which means that you already keeping an eye on us.  Govind checks the details and asks Surya why he has all these. Sonali comes and says know Surya’s truth. She says Surya hates all of us and this house. Surya says nothing is like that. Sonali asks Alka to reveal the truth. Alka gets nervous.

Alka slaps Sonali and declines to reveal the truth. Everyone shocked. Alka cries. She says to Sonali you will also understand me wrong, shows the toys that Kunal had bought, then he came to know that I can’t give him a boy, Kunal was waiting for Meera’s baby boy, I came to the hospital and asked nurse Sarla to help me in missing Meera’s son, I thought that I had changed my and my daughter’s life but letter I learned that Meera born twins. The Chaudhry comes to know that Surya is Agastya’s twin brother. Everyone gets shocked. Imlie says it means Surya is Agastya’s brother. Malti’s mother hears their conversation and stands shocked.

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