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Pandya Store Today’s 27th February 2024 Written Update: Amba Scolds Bhaven

Here we are returning to give you the information regarding the television show Pandya Store. In this report, we will give you the details about the Pandya Store 27th February 2024 update. Today’s topic is “Chiku brainwashes Bhaven”. The episode starts with Suman. She smiles and hugs Natasha and Isha and says I am proud of you both. Isha thanks Suman and asks for Chiku. Suman says he has gone due to some important work. Isha asks Suman if he will come. Natasha notices Isha upset and says I promise that Chiku will attend the next time. Hetal says to Amrish I know you are not happy with our clothes.

Pandya Store

Amrish gets angry and taunts Hetal. Hetal apologizes to Amrish. Amrish feels insulted and leaves with Amba. Dhawal stops Natasha and says he deserves something special. Natasha says yes, I know that’s why I said thank you to you in front of everyone on the stage. Dhawal says I am not satisfied with your thank you, I want dinner. She says your hopes are too high. He asks Natasha for dinner as he got a job. Chiku talks with Bhaven. Bhaven asks what is the urgent talk.

Pandya Store 27th February 2024 Written Update

Chiku tells Bhaven that Shalini is against Amrish and we should take advantage of this, you will become the Makhwan group’s MD. Bhaven says are you mad, you think that Amrish will register everything in my name. Chiku brainwashes Bhaven’s mind with his words and instigates him against Amrish. Bhaven shakes hands with Chiku and asks him to prepare the papers. Amrish sees the interview of Shalini. Everyone comes to watch the news. Bhaven asks Amrish why Shalini is against him. Amrish says she is doing a publicity stunt and declines that he has no connection with Shalini.

Bhaven says that I have a solution to fight with Shalini, she wants to destroy you. He asks Amrish to register everything in his name. Amba shouts at Bhaven. Bhaven says I just give a solution that what is right for us in this situation. Amrish says you want to get the properties in your name then what about this family. He goes to his room and calls Shalini. Shalini receives Amrish’s call. She says today I got Amrish Makhwan’s call, how you remembered me after 10 years. He says I want to meet you. She asks where he wants to meet with her. Hetal hears the conversation and thinks who is he going to meet? Shalini cuts the call and says now it will be fun.

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