Imlie Today’s 30th November 2023 Written Update: Amma’s Eyes Wide Open in Shock

Hello friends, we are coming back with a new episode of Imlie. Imlie fans are very curious about today’s fresh episode. Currently, the television show Imlie is running with a great TRP. In this report, we will give you the details of Imlie 30th November 2023 written update. Today’s topic is “Agastya Reads Imlie’s Diary”. The episode starts with Agastya. He says to Imlie that even your Radhrani doesn’t want to send you alone. Imlie says I told you that I will go alone. He forcefully takes her with him and makes her sit in the car. They arrive at Imlie’s house.


Imlie says to Agastya now will you leave me inside? He says I will not leave you alone. He says why do you speak when you can’t lie? She says what do you mean. She recalls Kavya’s words. She asks him to go home. He goes and sits in his car. He again comes to Imlie. Imlie asks if something is left to hear. He says if you don’t want to come to function then don’t come but don’t go anywhere from here. He leaves from there. Pallo opens the door and asks when you come here. Imlie says Agastya has gone. Pallo says where is Bulbul.

Imlie 30th November 2023 Written Update

Imlie says Bulbul is not with me. Pallo says that Bulbul had told me that there is some ritual at your home, so she is going there. Agastya recalls Imlie’s words that he is only a way to earn money. The village girl says that Bulbul is committing suicide. Imlie asks Pallo where she where she will go by lying. Agastya comes back with Imlie’s friends. Vishwa says I am sorry, I thought that our enmity is only with the Chaudhry family, not their daughter-in-law, that’s why I have not told you about Imlie.

Bulbul tells Imlie to stop there otherwise I will jump into the water. Imlie says to come down, I will talk to that guy. Bulbul says he will not understand. Agastya understands Bulbul. He sits near Imlie. Bulbul sits next to him and tells Imlie that she doesn’t understand anything. Pallo runs after Bulbul to beat her. Imlie’s dairy falls on the ground. Agastya sees the diary and opens it. Imlie says it is mine. He reads Imlie’s diary. She tries to snatch her dairy. Imlie falls on Agasstya. Her hair stuck in her kurta’s button. He pulls her saree. She shyly hides her modesty.

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