Nayanthara Upcoming Movies 2020, 2021 & 2022 List, Release Date, Trailer & Budget

Presenting a list of the upcoming movies of Nayanthara by Dekh News. Friends, today we will talk, Nayanthara’s upcoming moives. Nayantara is a well-known actress in Tamil and Telugu movies., this actress has made a mark in Tamil movies. As you all know that this actress is going to play the lead role in the upcoming films. We are happy to tell you about the upcoming films of Nayanthara, which she will be presented as lead roles. It has been said that she will be seen in many films and will also play lead roles in those films. As you all know, Nayanthara has worked in many Telugu and Tamil movies recently, now she is not being waited by the people in which one movie she will be seen in a new style.

Nayanthara Upcoming Movies List

As you all know, Nayanthara’s line of fans and followings is increasing and many more new fans have followed her on Instagram and Twitter so that they can know about her upcoming movies. So that they can be able to become aware of them so that they can sit in the cinema hall and watch them comfortably. Friends, let us tell you that the new Telugu and Tamil Movies coming of Nayanthara And the upcoming films of Nayantara is going to beat the hearts of all of you and is going to be liked. then friends, keep connected with us so that we can bring more new news to you and entertain you so that you can know about the New Avtar of the film’s actors.

Nayanthara Next Films Release Date in 2020, 2021 & 2022

Kottayam Kurbana

Friends, let us tell you that Nayanthara is going to be seen in a Malayalam film. This Malayalam film is being directed by Mahesh Vettiyar and in this film, Nayanthara is going to be seen in a lead role. Let me tell you that Nayanthara’s Avatar is going to be awesome because this film is a Woman centric film where the entire focus will be on the life of the women.

The film is being released this year soon if it comes to that in 2020. Kottayam Kurbana will be one of the best and motivational films that will motivate and encourage the woman of the country.


Nayanthara’s next film is “Netrikann” in which she will bring forward her new look to us. So guys Do watch this one splendid one movie. The film will hit the nail on the head among all top-notch movies. If it comes to that this movie is being directed by Milind Rau.

This film will be presented in this year soon if it comes to that in 2020. The film is also considering a Drama genre that will be brought forward in Tamil to us.


Friends Nayanthara is going to be seen in another new Tamil movie titled “Annaatthe” which is showing the drama genre but in this Movie, apart from Nayanthara, Raj Nikandan, Keerthi Suresh is going to be seen in the lead role and in this film Meena, Khushboo Sundar will also be seen but In a different way. friends once more let us know that this film is being directed by Siruthai Siva and will be released soon this year 2020.


Friends, today we are talking about the upcoming films of Nayanthara. Trishna is one of the upcoming films of Nayantara, this movie will be released on August 7, 2020, which people are eagerly waiting for this year to be released. Do not forget and subscribe to our channel to get more information about them so that we can send you notifications which you can read and get more information about the movie.  If it comes to that the film is being directed by the one and only I V Sasi.

Kaathu Vaakula Rendu Kadhal

Friends, this film starred by Nayantara is a romantic film in which Nayantara is going to be seen in the lead role, and this film is being directed by Vignesh Shivan. once again tell you that this film has been presented to the people It is considered a romantic comedy and if more people are eagerly waiting for this film, then let us tell you about this film without wasting all of your time.

Guys this movie has already been released this year in February 2020. Now you can watch this one movie on your mobile phones.

Auto Jaani

One more time Nayanthara will be seen in this upcoming film titled “Auto Jaani”. The film is going to be released this year soon. but the date of this film has not been finalized so far then guys do watch this one film on its finalized date which will soon be given by Dekh News if it comes to that her this one character must get the top-notch hit in the entire film industry. The film is being directed by Puri Jagannadh. And will be presented in the Tamil and Telugu Language to you all.

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