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Pandya Store 3rd December 2023 Today’s Written Update: Natasha packs her bags

Today’s Pandya Store serial starts with Dhaval telling Natasha that he will talk about this matter later. After this Natasha replied to him that now is not the time to take a decision. She says that she decided to separate from him, and then Dhaval gets shocked. Natasha tells him that unless Amresh is there between them, their relationship cannot work. Dhaval apologizes to her, but Natasha says that nothing can be fixed now. He gets emotional after the collapse of Pandya’s store and picks up his belongings. On the other hand, Isha Chiku gets a call but does not answer the call. After which Shesh taunts her and asks her to pick up the phone to give an update, which makes Chiku angry. It is revealed that the other family has no connection with their family, not even with Natasha, after which Natasha becomes unconscious again. When the doctor checks Natasha, he orders Dhaval to go out.

Pandya Store

After the checkup, the doctor tells Dhaval that Natasha has swelling in her kidney. But Chiku tells Suman that she is right, and will obey everything he says, even not talking to Isha. Meanwhile, Dhaval recalls the day when Suman asked him if he was marrying Natasha for the sake of the store. Meanwhile, Dhaval arrives and gets worried seeing Natasha’s condition. He asks Amba what happened. He remembers what happened after seeing Dolly and his father and goes straight to throwing food from Banshi’s table.

Pandya Store 3rd December 2023 Written Update

Amresh is stunned to see such foolishness, and questions why he did this. Chirag angrily shouts at her to keep her mouth shut. But Amresh is afraid that Dhaval might come to know his truth. Then Dhaval grabs Bansi’s collar and threatens him while Bansi Bhai becomes unconscious. Dolly takes Dhaval to scold him because he has misbehaved with her father. Dhaval screams and says that Bansi’s dirty place is not in the house but outside the house. After all this, Dolly asks Dhaval to apologize for his behavior.

Dhawal says that Chirag Bansi is responsible for Natasha’s condition. Dhaval also says that he doesn’t see anyone feeling sad after the collapse of the Pandya store. But the truth comes out when Bansi says that he was performing the ritual of being Dolly’s father. Amresh regrets his mistake and apologizes to Dhaval, saying that he did the right thing. He says getting the map verified by the government is a hectic process. After which Dhawal gets heartbroken after hearing this.

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